Awesome / Mean Girls

  • Janis Ian's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Cady is extremely satisfying.
  • Janis's epic Backhanded Apology as well.
  • The infamous brawl scene in the hallway, also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Special mention goes to how it ends - the nice, easygoing principal goes out into the brawl with a baseball bat to break it up, pulls a fire alarm, and orders all the girls to get into the gym for an assembly. You get the sense this Reasonable Authority Figure may have finally been pushed a hair too far.
    Mr. Duvall: Oh hell no, I did not leave the South Side for this!
  • Cady's speech at the end definitely qualifies.
  • Cady saving her group's talent show performance when Gretchen accidentally kicks off the boombox from the stage. And earlier, Damien throwing back a shoe that hit his face when he was singing.
  • After nearly an hour of Regina being a bitch, it was rather satisfying for the store clerk to deadpan "You can try Sears." at her.
  • You have to give Regina credit; her scheme was brilliant, and very nearly worked.
  • Regina deserves the title of Magnificent Bitch through and through. "Hello, this is Susan from Planned Parenthood..."
  • Also Regina verbally stomping on Jason's balls for harassing Cady and blowing off Gretchen in the beginning of the movie; even if done for status purposes.