Heartwarming / Maskerade

  • Death plays with Granny for the soul of a baby. He doesn't want to win, but the Magic Poker Equation leaves him with four aces and Granny with four queens. He ponders it for a moment, and then:
    Death: I lose. All I have is four ones.

  • Mrs. Plinge, and her sonís love for each other. While it may border on slightly creepy, itís really touching to see how much they love one another.
  • Walter even went after his mum as the ghost when he found out that she was walking home without his protection. And then he saved her from a pack of thieves! (Not that she needed him with Granny around, but still.) Doubles as a moment of awesome.
  • I always found Nanny and Greeboís moments to be cute. Even when heís a human, she still sees him as her little kitten.