Heartwarming / Interesting Times

  • Twoflower and Rincewind reuniting. Even if they're both imprisoned, Twoflower is just so happy to hear Rincewind's voice.
    • And then Twoflower is even happier to see Rincewind face-to-face after the wizzard unlocks their cells. D'aw.
    • Rincewind's first instinct is to try to dig a hole into Twoflower's cell.
  • Cohen the Barbarian gives his sword to Twoflower. "Hey four-eyes! Catch!" never before sounded so Heartwarming.
  • The Silver Horde accepting their upcoming deaths, and Mr. Saveloy deciding to join them and go out a hero after a life of mediocre teaching.
  • For this troper, it's Rincewind's return back to Ankh-Morpork. It's pretty funny as well, but imagining his tears of joy as he looks upon the city he's been away for for so long...
  • The Luggage finding itself on its home soil again, and acquiring a mate and offspring.
  • When Lord Hong captures Rincewind toward the end of the book, Cohen the Barbarian decides to rescue him.
    Cohen: 'I said come on. We ain't like Hong. Rincewind's a weasel, but he's our weasel.'