Awesome / Maskerade

  • Two fan-favorite badass characters, Granny Weatherwax and Death, play a single hand of poker for the fate of a baby. The two of them have a bit of a Gambit Pileup, since they're both cheating like crazy to keep the infant alive.
  • Granny getting Nanny her rightful proceeds from her "cookbook."
    • Much of the witches' power is due to reputation and headgames, as seen when getting by the troll to Mr. Goatberger's office. Nanny simply had to tell the troll, who was from Lancre, that he was impeding the progress of the one his people call "She Who Must Be Avoided."
    The troll looked at his club as if seriously considering the possibility of beating himself to death.
    • And then ensuring she spends it all, because she doesn't want Nanny having an edge over her. (And probably, though she'd never admit it, because she'd rather Nanny stay just the same and not have wealth come between them; like Magrat's becoming queen did, to their trio.)
  • Nanny saving the chandelier, and dealing with the Ghost by faking a heart attack. "Watch out!"
  • Granny's Barehanded Blade Block followed by a 'reason you suck' speech.
  • Human!Greebo's impressive chandelier-swing as he chases the Ghost. No running, just one coiled leap up to snag it with his claws.
    It was clear he would not make it. And then it was not clear how he did.
    • Heck the entire chase sequence pretty much qualifies