Heartwarming: Madagascar

From the First Film

  • Alex's birthday present for Marty's 10th is an Alex snowglobe. Although Marty seems to not appreciate it, he then sets it down with 8 other pieces of Alex merchandise, one of them being a picture reading "Happy 7th Marty" making it clear that these are all different birthday gifts from Alex that Marty has kept safe.
  • When Alex approaches Marty and it appears he's going to eat him, he whispers to Marty thanking him for not giving up on him and asks his friends to play along to help him scare the fossa away.
  • "It really isn't the fun side without you."

From the Second Film

From the Third Film

  • The entire ending. Especially the gang's realization that they much preferred being in the circus than living in the zoo.
    Stefano (with tears in his eyes): Balloons...for the children of the world...?
    Vitaly (in awe): It is real.
  • The group hug with Vitaly, Gia, and Stefano when they convince the tiger to do his act one more time.
  • Alex's Rousing Speech to Vitaly:
    Vitaly: They have good show without me.
    Alex: Look, I have a good left foot, but without my right foot, I can't walk!
    Vitaly: You get fake foot, then you walk.
    Alex: I don't want fake foot, okay?
    And culminating with
    Alex: It was always impossible, Vitaly. That's why the people loved it.
    Vitaly: That's why I loved it! Because I did the impossible!...I once was brave tiger... and if I go down in flames, ((laughter)) so be it!
  • The whole "Trapeze Americano" scene where Alex clumsily creates a spectacular trapeze act with Gia largely by accident to a beautiful song, "Love Always Comes As A Surprise," as they fall in love.
    • Pretty much whenever the two are on a trapeze, they both have this smile that screams "I'm doing what I love, I'm doing it with who I love, and nothing could feel more perfect than this moment."
  • The Tightrope scene with Melman and Gloria. It's just pure love right there. At the same time, we see Stefano flying through. Marty's previous scene with his joy flying in the air. It certainly helps that Dreamworks Animation always have a way to make you feel like you're flying alongside him.
  • Finally, there is that moment when the Zoosters made it back to the gates of the Central Park Zoo, only to discover that they've changed too much to return to captivity. Marty apologizes for putting the gang in this situation in the first place, but Alex tells him that there is nothing to forgive since being sent to Madagascar was actually the best thing that could have happened to them.
    • It's the way Marty's apologizing that really pushes it home.
      Marty: Guys... I'm sorry I ever left the zoo in the first place.
      Alex: Why?
      Marty: Because if I hadn't left... we wouldn't have anything to be sad about right now.
      Alex: Leaving the zoo, was the best thing that ever happened to us.
      Marty: Really?
      Alex: Yeah, out there we were really living it.
  • The fact that the main circus trio are quick to forgiving the Zoosters for lying to them and want them to come back. When they learn from Julien that DuBois have captured the Zoosters they waste no time going to try and save their friends and convincing the rest of the circus to pitch in.