Tear Jerker / Madagascar

  • "I see trees of green, red roses too..."
    • The only funny part in this scene was when the baby duck they rescued got chomped up by a crocodile.
    • Later, when Marty goes back to help Alex. Alex feels so ashamed of trying to kill Marty that he's built a cage for himself, to protect his friends. Then there's the looks on his (and Marty's) face when he says "I don't wanna hurt you."
      • And after that when Alex hides in his hut, Marty just comes into the cage and says, "Alex, I ain't leaving without you."
  • Alex calling out to his friends when their crates are set adrift at sea.
    • Marty calling out to Alex twice before his, Melman's, and Gloria's crates disappear out of sight and Alex desperately screams, "No! Wait! Come back, Marty!" before he helplessly says, "Don't go."