Nightmare Fuel: Madagascar

  • For kids however, Teetsi.
  • When Melman tries to make his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Alex's nightmare in the third movie where he and his friends grow old and still in Africa. Of course, they are exaggerated and Alex's "I aged well" line is pretty funny, but the implications...
    • It's quite a shock to see the Penguins zooming off into the distance...and then the camera zooms out to show the surrounding savannah being gray and lifeless...
  • Captain DuBois pulling out a saw to behead Alex with.
  • Alex's growing Sanity Slippage as he becomes a true, wild, hungry lion out to eat his own friends as they're trapped in Madagascar during the first movie.
  • For Alex, when he was in a crate at sea in the first movie. He was probably having unwanted flashbacks to when he was a cub, which we see in the second movie.