Heartwarming / Lost Girl

  • In the first episode, a fae tries to Mind Rape Bo into committing suicide, doing the usual "You are worthless, nobody cares about you..." type speech. Then Kenzi calls out to Bo and begs her to wake up, giving Bo the strength to go Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • In "The Mourning After," Bo telling Kenzi that she'll give up her relationship with the first other succubus she's ever met if it's worrying Kenzi, and Kenzi telling her not to be ridiculous.
  • Dyson's sacrifice for Bo in the final episode of season one. Crosses over into something else.
  • Bo and Lauren's first time together, in which Bo rips off Lauren's necklace that marks her as the The Ash's property.
    Bo: "Nobody owns you."
    • Becomes a Tear Jerker when Bo suddenly realizes that Lauren was distracting her on The Ash's orders, albeit reluctantly.
  • The lengths to which Dyson and Trick go to keep Kenzi stable when she's been poisoned by the basilisk, including Trick trading a VERY valuable artifact in order to stabilize her a little longer.
  • Do not call Lauren "property" around Bo. True, the good doctor talks her down; but if Lauren hadn't been willing to play nice with the new Ash, Bo would very clearly have fought Lachlan's guards to the death to keep her safe.
  • Dyson's speech to Kenzi after being in her body during 'Original Skin'. Never has calling someone weak been so sweet.
  • Baku eat people's nightmares allowing them to sleep soundly. How do they do this? Hugging. D'aww.
  • After finding out about Nadia's existence, Bo immediately throws everything she has into finding a way to bring her back to Lauren—and it works. In a manner of days, Bo has found the "cure" that Lauren had been searching years for.
  • "You deserve more." And then Bo saying that she wants to give her and Lauren a real shot as a proper couple.
    • The kiss. My god.
      • Then it goes into Tear Jerker when Dyson walks in and sees them.
  • Bo taking care of Sylvie, and the look on Lauren's face when she hears what happened and is utterly unsurprised—of course Bo risked throwing the game to protect an innocent.
  • Sylvie naming her son after Bo.
  • On a different level, the reveal that Hale is the new Ash. Not only is it awesome to see him getting respect, it means he owns Lauren now. After seeing her treated like dirt for two seasons, the knowledge that for now, at least, she's safe is a huge sigh of relief for the fandom as well as the people who love her.
    • And then subverted.
  • Vex and Kenzie bonding as "Make-up buddies".
    • And later, Vex choosing her over rejoining the dark.
    • And their goodbye when he decides to leave.
  • Bo making up with her dementia addled mother.
  • Lauren and Dyson bonding at the bar, after her and Bo decide to put their relationship on hold.
  • Trick telling Kenzi that he's come to think of her as family... and though Kenzi initially tries to hide her emotions behind a "tough" mask, she almost immediately drops the pretense and hugs him.
  • In the season 2 episode "Truth and Consequences" after Bo kills a Garuda possessed Nadia she comes home to Kenzi lying on her bed crying and is told that Kenzi broke off her relationship with Nathan to remain by Bo's side for the Garuda fight. Highlighted by the song "Close Watch" by Agnes Obel
  • In "Fae'd to Black", Bo was forced to feed on Dyson to stay alive. She tearfully confesses this to Lauren who...pulls Bo in for a kiss. If anything, Lauren blames herself for not realizing/acknowledging earlier that she cannot sustain Bo.
  • In "Turn to Stone" after reading the Interpol file on Lauren, Bo begins to question everything about their relationship. Then she finds a package Lauren was going to give to Bo, a necklace with a note, that instantly convinces her it was real.
    "For giving me the freedom to love. And I do."
    • While she doesn't say it, the note says Forever at the very end.
    • And this exchange with the Druid.
    Druid: But you're Fae. She's just human.
    Bo: No, she's family.
  • At the end of Groundhog Fae, we really see how Tamsin has become part of the family, first when Bo saves her from being turned into candy and then immediately forgives her for all her wrongdoing in the past... but the thing that really pushes it over to CMOH is at the very end when Kenzi angrily calls Tamsin "young lady" and tells her that she was worried sick about her. Tamsin's reaction is to cringe like a little girl and say "I'm sorry, Moms."
  • Hale's proposal to Kenzi in "End of a Line." Which makes what follows even worse.
    • A brief moment, but as he's leaving her cousin urges her to accept it saying that Hale is a good man. He appears to be the only decent member of her family.
  • In "Origins" Lauren reveals that joining the Dark and getting close to the Morrigan was all in an attempt to help Bo. It shows how far she will go to help Bo. And it makes Bo's rejection all the worse.
  • A quick moment in "Dark Horse". Before Bo goes to save Lauren, she puts on the necklace from "Turn to Stone."