Trivia: Lost Girl

  • Actor Allusion: In "In Memoriam," George Takei's character's last words before dying are Takei's Catch Phrase, "Oh my...."
  • Dawson Casting:
    • 36-year old Anna Silk reputedly lied about her age to get the part as 28-year old Bo.
    • Playing Gertrude: Inga Cadranel, who played Saskia/Aiofe, a/k/a Bo's biological mother, is four years younger than Silk.
  • Fake Russian: Averted. Ksenia Solo is from Latvia, and ethnic Russian.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Two regulars from Warehouse 13 have had roles: Aaron Ashmore has a recurring role as Kenzi's boyfriend Nate and Genelle Williams is one of the Serkets in "Table for Fae."
    • Balagan apparently cured his agoraphobia to become a scientist/admirer of Lauren's scientific work.
    • Looks like Jake Martin has become an at-risk youth.
    • Jenny Schecter is apparently an elemental.
    • Vaas is apparently best buds with Kenzi.
    • Orphan Black fans will spot Inga Cadranel (Detective DeAngelis), Daniel Kash (Tomas) and Michael Mando (Vic) in the first season alone - along with OB co-creator John Fawcett, who directed several episodes. Which may also explain Clone Club's collective Nerdgasm when Ksenia Solo joined the cast in Season 3.