Funny / Lost Girl

  • Bo's rant after the Fae try to interrogate her.
    The Ash: You know the rules. Just name your clan.
    Bo: Buddy, for the last time, I don't have a clan. Okay? Or bagpipes, or hagis. I'm not frickin' Scottish!
  • Kenzi trying to get something for herself when helping Trick retrieve a magic coin.
    Kenzi: If I help save your bar tonight, I want 10% ownership.
    Trick: No.
    Kenzi: I want the coin for a year.
    Trick: No.
    Kenzi: *girlish whine* I want a u-ni-corn...
  • Kenzi after hearing noises, to her roommate the Succubus.
    Kenzi: Did you bring elves home? I'm not judging, I just wanna know.
    • What makes it extra funny is that within the Showverse this is entirely plausible - they actually had one around for a while - so she wasn't being sarcastic, she was genuinely asking.
  • Kenzi trying to wake up her friend Bo.
    Kenzi: Oh my God! Total 911! Goblins have stormed the kitchen and are eating all the sugar pops!
    Bo: Tell them the milk's gone sour.
    • Genius Bonus in Bo's line: several Real Life myths claimed that one way of detecting magical creatures like elves or goblins was that they caused milk to go sour.
    • Especially her repeatedly poking Bo's face with a popsicle during the conversation.
  • Blink and you'll miss it in the beginning of "The Mourning After" (1x10), as Bo and Kenzi talk to Dyson about the mystery of the week. Kenzi cracks a wildly inappropriate joke and Bo turns a slightly "I'm your big sister and I'm annoyed at you" look on her before it quickly turns into "Okay, that was funny".
    Dyson: Had to pry it from her hands post-mortem. She cracked the shaft with her muscle spasms.
    Kenzi: Ha. Shaft.
  • Kenzi in Dyson's body in "Original Skin".
    • For that matter, the serial killer in Lauren's body is pretty hilarious too. Zoie Palmer looks like she's having a ball.
  • After Bo is given amnesia and runs away from Kenzi:
    Kenzi: What if Bo hitched a ride out of town and is dancing in a topless bar, despite rival girls trying to bring her down?
    Trick: She's not in Showgirls!
    Kenzi: Sorry, it's my go-to worst case scenario
    • "Fae don't believe in divorce for the first thousand years. What? Is it okay to expect people to actually give it a shot!"
    • Also: Ryan versus Kenzie.
  • Vex forcing The Morrigan to dance half-naked.
  • Vex being the only one who apparently notices the UST between Kenzie and Hale.
    Vex: Okay, seriously, am I the only one who can see this!?
  • In general, anything that comes out of Kenzi's mouth.
    • "I'm human remember? We drive SUVs and we drop sewage into pretty lakes and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means one more cheeseburger". Mind you it's only compounded by the fact that she's holding a chainsaw at the time.
    "You'd be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools."
  • The little gem as Bo and Kenzi leave Vex alone in the clubhouse with Lauren.
    Bo: If you go near my girlfriend, the little balls on the Christmas tree next year will have [in a British accent] a certain panache!
    Vex: Hook up illegal cable, and what do I get? Threats against my junk. Typical.
  • Bo, Tasmin, and Dyson being reduced to the mentality of dippy teenagers during "ConFAEgion"
    • Especially Dyson stripping to "Hungry Like The Wolf"
    • Or Teenage!Bo and Lauren.
    Bo: You're really hot, have you ever kissed a girl?
    • In the same episode, Vex and Kenzi trading makeup tips.
    Kenzi: Can we forget about your fae-self for about a nano-second and talk about something really important?
    Vex: Doubtful.
    Kenzi: Mascara.
    Vex: You have my attention.
  • Dyson revealing his childhood dream of being Griffon in the hammiest way possible.
    • Or as Tamsin puts it, he wants to be "half lion, half eagle, and full asshole."
  • Bo and Tamsin visiting a Fae sorority house.
  • The amazingly dorky joke Lauren keeps trying to tell during "Fae-ge Against The Machine".
    Lauren: Why do scientists like nitrates so much? Because they're better than day rates!
  • Kenzi VS a Spoiled Brat in "Adventures in FAEbysitting".
    • Bo's cover story for investigating a house in Suburbia.
    Bo: My partner Lau...wrence and I are on a break.
    Kenzi: He left her at the alter. For our other sister.
    • Two minutes later, at "book club" (drinking and gossiping).
      Suburbian Lady: I always say if it's getting hard then something's going wrong.
      Kenzi: I always say the opposite, something's wrong if it's getting soft, am I right?
      Ladies: [gales of laughter]
      Kenzi: [to Bo] I'm good at book club!
  • The interactions between Kenzi and Bruce, the Bruiser with a Soft Center henchman of The Morrigan.
  • Bo and Lauren getting their make-out on during "Let The Dark Times Roll". And the lucky butler who walks in on them.
    Butler: ...Mini-quiche?
    Bo: Get. Out.
    Lauren: But leave the tray.
    • And then The Morrigan walks in.
    Morrigan: Lame! What's next, you gonna braid each others hair? Scissor already!
    • Bruce, the Sushi Table.
    • When Vex's severed hand is in a bowl of ice at the Dahl, the middle finger is sticking up. Plus, Vex's line after he injects Bo with Lauren's drug to block her powers:
    "Well, didn't someone get box-blocked by their ex's pointy thing (gestures with his knife). Oh look at that, I made a funny.
    • After Vex chops off his right hand he tries to escape in a car...but he forgot it was a stick shift.
    "Oh bollocks. I should have picked the right-hand drive."
  • Pretty much all of the interaction between Lauren and the Morrigan in "Of All the Gin Joints". Lauren revealing just how much of a Trekkie she is, the Morrigan's response (Oh honey, I obviously came just in time), Lauren later doing a Stardate Doctor's report, etc. Oh, and the name of the beer they're drinking? Dark Belch.
    The Morrigan: I was going through a Redneck phase.
  • Many in "Destiny's Child", Bo prepares to open the jar risking being kidnapped again. Trick grabs a mop handle to use as a staff, Dyson wolfs out, Lauren readies as a syringe, Kenzi... grabs a fork.
    • Later Trick goes to see Wai Lin, but finds her sister Doa Ming instead.
    Doa Ming: So sorry, but Lin is away. Helping out with some very important international negotiations.
    Trick: She's back at the U.N.?
    Doa Ming: Facebook. (Trick raises an eyebrow) The world has changed, what can I say?
  • "Origins" Lauren mocking Evony after turning into a human was both awesome, and hysterical. Most notably, how she did it.
    "Are you try to melt me? That's adorable."
    • From the same, dialogue from Vex implies that Shakespeare is a Fae. And he still regrets the ending to Hamlet.
  • In "Food for Thought," Kenzi's freakout when she learns what the meat was in the soup she ate. She's more disturbed by what it was than the fact that it was poisoned.
    Kenzi: I'm always putting my foot in my mouth, but at least it's always my foot!
  • In "(Dis)members only", Bo and Dyson are undercover, having lunch with a country club member who is a notorious gossip. Kensi, undercover as a waitress, comes over and brings them water. Dyson jokingly compliments her on how good she is at it. Keeping her cover, she thanks him, but she not-so-subtly gives him the finger.
  • In "Faes Wide Shut," Bo and Lauren are at the Dal looking for someone for Bo to feed off of. Trick comes over and asks what they're up to. Lauren explains. Trick wishes she hadn't.
  • The reborn Tamsin, essentially a child in an adult's body, gets some really great lines. In Destiny's Child, after Trick has blown them off and refused to explain anything, Kenzi and Tamsin have the following conversation:
    Kenzi: Well, there's only one thing left to do!
    Tamsin: *suddenly eager* Take a dump in his bed?
    Kenzi: No, I was gonna say... EW!
    *They look at one another awkwardly for a couple of seconds*
    Tamsin: Sorry.
    • And later on, in the same episode, as they "snoop" and find Trick's book:
    Kenzi: This is what we have to do!
    Tamsin: Oh, like, you mean draw weird dicks in here?
  • Tamsin announces her plan to infiltrate a team of cheerleaders with Dyson naturally finding it hilarious.
    Tamsin: Well, you know what I say to that? Gimmie a D! Gimmie a Y! Gimmie a suck my balls.
  • We see a slow-motion shot of Tamsin in a cheerleader outfit, smirking as she walks along...then trips in her heels.