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YMMV: Lost Girl
  • Angst? What Angst?: Played with for Lauren in Season 2. After Nadia dies (in Lauren's arms no less), Lauren spends the next episode going through a realistic process of grief. While it is gone by the next episode, this can be justified by how reserved Lauren typically is, which is implied to be the only way she survived the Fae world.
    • Ultimately averted in Season 3, Lauren finally breaks down and admits how much the last years have affected her.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: The bathtub scene in 3x12 with Tamsin talking to Bo could arguably count as this.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Isaac Taft from season 3 proves Humans Are the Real Monsters in a show full of vicious Fae. Desiring to become a powerful Fae himself, Taft has multiple Fae kidnapped and subjected to hideous and torturous experiments before dumping their corpses into a mass grave. One of the few survivors is left mentally scarred and nearly insane. Taft captures the succubus heroine Bo's ex-boyfriend Dyson and has him experimented on as well, planning to blackmail Bo's current lover Lauren into experimenting on Dyson to transport his essence into Taft. Interested only in his own advancement, Taft believed that with billions of dollars, he could do anything he desired.
  • Designated Villain: The Norn arguably. Her deal seems to be: you sacrifice that which you value the most in exchange for what it is you want. If that is the case (which Dyson apparently knew), then it's his fault for not knowing what it was that he valued the most. Her behavior after is her merely sticking to the deal, and refusing to go back. If someone had offered her something in exchange for Dyson's love, that would be different.
    • They tried, and she refused. She took great pleasure in everyone's frustration and misery, and was uncaring at best about the possibility of the Fae being wiped out. Maybe not a villain, but definitely an unrepentant Jerk Ass.
    • Hale's rejection of Kenzi in "Fae'd to Black" is portrayed as a Kick the Dog moment. But he had to reason to think anything was actually wrong with her (nor did anyone else), and last time she barged in him during a meeting (ignoring his attempts to tell her to stop) to talk about fashion. It's hardly surprising that he shut her out at the end.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Kenzi.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Morrigan.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The Banshee's wail.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Bo/Lauren or Bo/Tamsin.
    • Dyson/Kenzi is popular as well.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Bo/Lauren=Doccubus. So called because Lauren is a doctor and Bo is a succubus.
    • And Valkubus is Valkyrie (Tamsin) and Succubus (Bo).
  • LGBT Fanbase: Developed a strong one due to the positive portrayal of the bisexual heroine, and the respective way it handled Bo and Lauren's relationship.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Lauchlan/The Ash II.
  • OT 3: Unsuprising, given the love triangle, or now, love (sort of) rhombus.
    • Bo/Dyson/Lauren
    • Bo/Lauren/Tamsin
    • There have even been a few Bo/Dyson/Kenzi fics floating around the archive
  • Ship Tease: Kenzi and Hale, until the ship was canonized.
    • Kenzi and Dyson. It's not solidly canon yet, but the ship is strong with this pairing. It became very obvious in season three that the powers that be are well aware of it. It became even more obvious in Season 4.
  • Squick: "Let the Dark Times Roll". When Bo asks to see the paperwork that claims she's now Dark, the Dark Fae records keeper tears off his scalp and gives it to her. She is appropriately grossed out.
    • In "End of a Line", the only way to take control of or know who commands Revenants is to drink their blood. Eventually, Bo herself is forced to do this.
  • They Just Didn't Care: Tamsin mispronounces the worth "Kitsune" every time she says it by dropping the last syllable. Protip: The E is not silent. Though that could just be that she doesn't care.
    • Though in fairness, she's also one of the only people who pronounces the "Dal" in "Dal Riata" correctly.
  • What an Idiot: Really, Kenzi? You're in the house of someone you know isn't human, and eat their food without checking for permission or to see what it is? That's both very rude and very stupid.
  • The Woobie: Bo has accidentally killed a lot of people, a lot of whom were her lovers, Lauren has been manipulated into being a slave to people who hate humans twice and stayed with her coma-girlfriend for five years only for her to die violently before her eyes straight after she woke up, and her treatment took a turn for the worse under Lachlan, and Kenzi's stepfather was apparently so bad that she was nearly willing to risk her worst fear ( Baba Yaga) to try and rid herself of him and she ended up on the streets from a young age. Honestly, though, no one in the gang's life seems to have been a bed of roses.
    • Iron Woobie: Since they all keep going. Bo says Lauren is the strongest person she's ever met. Dyson, meanwhile, calls Kenzie the strongest person.
  • X Meets Y: For the Urban Fantasy and the plentiful Fanservice, the show has been described as "Supernatural's Distaff Counterpart".

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