Webcomic / The Unthinkable Hybrid

The Unthinkable Hybrid.

The Unthinkable Hybrid is a Comic Series turned webcomic being produced by a middle-aged, balding, pot-bellied hack writer and cartoonist with bad manners and archiac tastes with the name "Vwyler"

In the First Issue, "The Dark Side of Paradise", the Five-Man Band first all meet each other by The Big Guy saving The Hero and The Chick from a car crash then hiding while The Lancer finds The Hero and The Chick and takes them to The Smart Guy to be healed. The Smart Guy who knows the story behind The Big Guy and tells the rest of them the story. The Mad Scientist Commie Nazi then, after presumably waiting for the story to end, appears before the Five-Man Band.

and much more in the rest of the issues!

The Unthinkable Hybrid contains examples of the following tropes: