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Heartwarming: Looney Tunes
  • The ending of "Feed The Kitty", where Mark Anthony discovers Pussyfoot is alive.
    • And when his Reasonable Authority Figure owner lets him keep Pussyfoot.
    • The beginning where Pussyfoot isn't scared of him at all when he tries terrorizing him. He tries some more, but he just climbs up onto his back, kneads his fur, and then settles down. Becomes cute when he warms up to the kitten and kisses it on the forehead as he naps, and he licks him.
  • In "Scalp Trouble/Slightly Daffy" (the latter is a color remake of the former), Porky's a soldier at a fort, and Daffy's the general. Of course, Daffy's incredibly bossy and yells at the soldiers when they won't get up, and then he and Porky engage in typical hijinks trying to get out the door. On the way out, Daffy slips, and Porky catches him, bridal-style; Daffy bats his eyelashes at Porky, says, "Awwww, I didn't think you cared," and nuzzles his head against Porky's chin while Porky hugs him, laughing adorably. The fact that Porky and Daffy spend ninety percent of their cartoons trying to annoy and/or kill each other only serves to heighten the extreme levels of cute.
    • This wouldn't have seemed so heartwarming if it wasn't the Daffy Duck that deserved his name, and when he was just starting out.
  • The entirety of the short "A Mouse Divided," in which Sylvester has a wife who wishes the stork would bring them a baby. Sylvester is completely against the idea, until the stork does indeed bring them a baby and he ends up being even more excited than she is. When they find that the baby given to them is a mouse, Sylvester is all set to eat it.... until it calls him "da-da!" Sylvester then spends the rest of the short protecting his "son" from all the other hungry cats in the neighborhood.
    • Later on a similar short called "Father of the Bird" was made, again starring Sylvester. In that one he steals a bird egg, but he doesn't have the heart to eat the little bird when it hatches because it calls him "Mama." Begrudgingly he lets it go, but it continues to follow him, and soon Sylvester's going out of his way to rescue it from all the danger it puts itself in.
  • I think a lot of the cartoons with Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf count. They're locked in a perpetual fight for the sheep, but at the end of the day, they punch their clocks and leave together as the best of friends.
  • Strangely enough, in the WWII cartoon "The Ducktators", when we see a duck caricature of Hitler giving a speech and our introduction to a goose caricature of Mussolini, a card comes up reading "Apoligies to all the NICE DUCKS and GEESE who may be in the audience", meaning that the writers and animators are genuinely sorry for mocking the Germans and Italians (yet no apology is given for mocking the Japanese).
  • Any time Pepe and Penelope are shown to have mutual affection for each other is touching, sadly such scenes usually don't last very long.
  • "Scaredy Cat" is mostly just nightmarish, but it does have one very sweet moment when Sylvester flees from the mouse-haunted house, leaving his owner Porky to be executed by the creepy mice. Sylvester's conscience appears to him and accuses him of being a coward, showing Sylvester a poster of him as a kitten being fed milk by Porky with the word "REMEMBER" over it. This memory stirs Sylvester to charge back into the house and rout out the mice in a rare victory for the Puddy Tat.
  • While the De Patie Freleng short "Fiesta Fiasco" is hardly among the gems of the series, it must mean something that Speedy went out of his way to organize a surprise birthday party for Daffy Duck. Extra points for actually being made during 1967; Daffy's 30th birthday.
  • At the end of Bah Humduck!, when Daffy almost reconsiders his newly-changed attitude.... Only for Porky's daughter to offer him a cookie, making Daffy decide to continue being generous.
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