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Headscratchers: Looney Tunes
  • Why does Elmer Fudd hunt? Ignore his lack of success against Bugs for the moment and consider three of the all-time classic cartoons, in which Bugs and Daffy argue about which of them is to be hunted. (It's the Rabbit Season Duck Season Trope Namer, after all.) Every time Daffy loses such an argument, he gets shot, yet recovers nicely with nothing more than some bill readjustment. Clearly Elmer's not out for game. Perhaps sport, then? (In contrast, Yosemite Sam has also hunted Bugs on at least one occasion, but he explicitly intends to cook him, as proven when the second half is devoted to putting Bugs in the oven.)
    • Somewhere in the hunting trilogy (forget which one) this is explicitly covered when Bugs and Daffy take turns reading duck and rabbit recipes in an effort to get Elmer excited. The little guy just shrugs. "Sowwy fellas, but I'm a vegetawian. I just hunt for the sport of it!"
    • He's very devoted to his hobby.
      • It's the first one; Rabbit Fire.
    • Not to mention the fact that he cries whenever he's fooled into thinking he's finally killed Bugs Bunny.
      • Well, he may not be intending to kill Bugs. In the Hunting Trilogy he shot Daffy repeatedly, and Daffy was fine, though singed. He probably just wants to hurt Bugs as revenge for all the injury the rabbit's inflicted on him.
      • There's another where a mountain lion hides out in his home to escape hunting season. There's other animal trophies. And they all run away when hunting season's over. Elmer's comment: How long it took. For the Lulz indeed.
    • In one short, it's for sport, in another, it's for stew. Of course...
    • Elmer's Candid Camera is considered the first appearance of Elmer. In the cartoon, he's trying to take pictures of wildlife, but a mischievous rabbit (which is a Bugs Bunny prototype) keeps interrupting him and ruining his day. He eventually got tired of it and wanted to trap him to slow him down, but the rabbit pretended to die, thus making him upset he killed him. Well, this being Looney Tunes, he flipped the net over him and left. Then immediately afterward, Elmer goes insane and keeps chanting "Wabbits, wabbits!" as he destroys his camera. Since then, and this is just Wild Mass Guessing, Elmer has been hellbent on hunting down Bugs Bunny for ruining his sanity.
    • On at least one occasion, Elmer's wife wanted him to bring her a rabbit for dinner. He may be a vegetarian, but that doesn't mean she is.
      • On the other hand, Elmer isn't always married in every short, so his motives to kill Bugs can't be always for her service. This is especially evident when he wolf whistles at dancing women on stage, or when he's attracted to Bugs in drag. Unless he...oh, no.
  • If Road Runners can't read, how does the Road Runner always know to stop for free bird seeds?
    • The pile of birdseed in the middle of the road? Even if it does have lead pellets or gunpowder in, lead supposedly tastes good, and he might have thought the black powder was just weird dust.
    • One also has to remember during every Coyote/Road Runner confrontation that the RR really, really enjoys messing with Wile E.'s mind. He may be telling the truth about being illiterate, but more likely isn't.
    • You do realize that he was holding up a sign that claimed he couldn't read, right? Unless someone made it for him and explained its purpose to him in beeps, I think this was an intentional joke.
    • The Road Runner is a Reality Warper; he can do or know whatever he wants.
  • Because no one has yet listed it here: In "Rabbit Fire", we clearly see Daffy getting the How to Cook Rabbits book out of Bugs' rabbit hole. Why does Bugs own a copy of a book about cooking his own species? This is so bewildering that John Madden pointed it out while commentating on Cartoon Network's Big Game between Bugs and Daffy in 2001.
    • Perhaps Bugs is a (pardon the pun) voracious reader.
    • It's a horror book to him.
      • Bugs' hole is a TARDIS.
  • Shouldn't Pepe Le Pew be able to tell that the cat isn't a skunk by the fact that she doesn't smell?
    • Since Pepe's entire schtick is based around the fact that he doesn't realise he smells — or at least, smells bad — no, not really.
      • In one of the shorts he makes a comment implying that he does know he smells ("When you are a skunk, you learn to hold your breath for a long, long time")
    • He's A Man, He Can't Help It
  • What is with all those trucks that sometimes run over Wile E. Coyote? How is it the drivers don't see a coyote in the middle of the road?
    • Who says they don't? It's a wild coyote vs. a truck. There's no danger that a coyote's going to damage the truck, so you just keep on going. That's kinda how roadkill works.
    • At least one short ends by revealing that one of the trucks is owned by the "Road Runner Freight Hauling Co." No doubt their standing orders say brake for everything... except that one coyote.
  • How is this one not in here? Foghorn Leghorn is in a box but the kid digs him up and goes to check the box but says "I just might be in there" Is he?
  • The end of High Diving Hare. "I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law." If he's aware that it's illogical, then that shouldn't work.
    • The joke is that he does know that it's illogical, but since he never technically studied law, he can always feign ignorance later if they try to arrest him for breaking the law of gravity.
    • Rule of Funny.
    • He's aware that it defies gravity, but isn't aware that said awareness prevents his Achievements in Ignorance from working, so it works anyway.
  • Why do people hate Daffy Duck in the Animated Actors shorts and second live action movie? I like Daffy because he's a Comedic Sociopath and Bugs, to me nowadays, seems like a smug douche. They never really go into detail why we're supposed to like Bugs more and you would think that Bugs would be the more egotistical one in the relationship from knowing how popular he was.
    • It's just a part of his character.
    • Chuck Jones was more philosophical about it: We love Daffy because he's a mirror image of us. We love Bugs because he's as wonderful as we wish we were.
    • His audience usually consists of the same cartoons whose spotlight he's been stealing for over a century, they aren't exactly the most unbiased of audiences.
  • All those times Sylvester chases after Tweety just to eat him, why doesn't Granny ever... you know... feed Sylvester some cat food? It would be like if Sylvester is fed then he won't be hungry to attempt to eat Tweety.
    • Well, half the times Sylvester isn't Granny's cat, and many of those time Tweetie isn't Granny's bird, either, since some don't have Granny at all.
    • Slappy Squirrel of Animaniacs was once asked a similar question, and in her Genre Savvy, No Fourth Wall way replied, "Oh. Yeah. Six minutes in the checkout line. We'll have 'em in hysterics with that."
  • Sylvester appears to have absolutely no loss aversion. He will hunt Tweedy down and try to eat him no matter how much the effort hurts or humiliates him, even though the baby bird could barely qualify as a snack. Why does Sylvester even bother? Aren't there other ways he can get food? Or does the universe hate him so much that any other way will be met with failure?
  • Why does Elmer always go hunting after the same rabbit? Can't he just go and kill another rabbit and leave Bugs alone?
    • He doesn't seem to be hunting Bugs specifically. He's just hunting "wabbits" and somehow always manages to come across the same one. With his luck, even if he tried avoiding Bugs and going for other rabbits, he'd end up encountering Bugs anyway.
    • According to "The Big Snooze" (1946), Elmer made a contract with Warner Bros. to chase the same rabbit, aka Bugs Bunny, for the benefit of the Looney Tunes. The plot of the episode is that, he doesn't actually want to chase Bugs and be humiliated, but he does so anyway because he promised the company. Also seen in this short, he's always in Bugs' presence simply because he can't escape him. When he tried, Bugs proceeded to annoy him until he returned to his contract. Maybe it's just me, but I would sure as hell chase down a rabbit if he constantly bugged me hours on end.
  • If Wile E. Coyote wants to eat the Road Runner, why do half his plans involve crushing him? It seems there would be very little left to eat if he did that, and what would be left would be little more than a red, feathery paste
    • "Road runner burger."
    • Chuck Jones described Wile E. Coyote using George Santayana's definition of a fanatic-"someone who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim". He doesn't care about eating the roadrunner anymore, he just wants this one particular bird DEAD.
  • Why oh why is it that everytime Yosemite Sam is in a different persona or position... he always wears that bandit mask? The strangest example is when he was a prison guard, who the hell would hire someone that looks like a criminal to perform the job of keeping criminals behind bars... also I remember the times he tries to marry a rich widow for her money, it's surprising the widow doesn't find anything wrong with that bandit mask he wears all the time.
  • I've always wondered and - forgive me if I'm incredibly dense - but is the Roadrunner as smart as Wile E. Coyote or is he dumb? As he is a bird, the way he regards Coyote's attempts at catching him looks like he's full-on oblivious to it rather than careless, and has the speed as his luck to escape whenever he does feel threatened. On the other hand, he has displayed minor hints of competency when dealing with his foe (like in the newer CGI shorts of The Looney Tunes Show), so he can't be flat out stupid after all. This is really confusing. Is he a bird-brain, or is he a Magnificent Bastard to all of Wile's advances?

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