Heartwarming / Life on Thedas

  • Elisa gives a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to the Tower Sloth demon about how she's willing to strive for her own happiness because then it means something.
  • Leliana and the narrator have a mutual one at the completion of her personal quest.
  • In chapter 14 Alistair calms Elisa, who is suffering from the werewolf curse. Yes, he has the same effect on her as the Lady does on the other werewolves.
    • At the end of the same chapter, Elisa vows above all else to save the narrator.
  • In chapter 18 Morrigan snaps the possessed narrator out of it by simply grabbing his arm and saying 'no.'
  • In chapter 19 Wynne gives the narrator a Cool Down Hug and a You Are Not Alone speech.
  • Chapter 20 manages to have a few. For example, Malcolm's memories have the exact opposite the demon was expecting, giving the narrator the strength to defy her.