Funny / Life on Thedas

  • Elisa: Where did you get those [cookies]?
    Sten: From a fat, slovenly thing that didn't need them.
    Narrator: Hey, my cookies are missing!
  • The narrator wakes up in Morrigan's tent after the Christmas Episode after drinking the night before and asks if they 'did anything'. She proceeds to freak him out by describing what they didn't actually do.
  • The narrator tries to shout a door down, and fails. Then Elisa does it first try.
    • Equal parts this and Awesome, Elisa "This! Is! Sparta!"s Uldred. Literally.
      • Given a Call-Back when Elisa boots a golem off a ledge and the narrator notes she didn't tell it this was Ferelden.
  • When the group meets the crazy hermit in the Brecilian Forest
    Crazy Hermit: Never trust anyone that thinks in italics either. They should be watched. From a great distance.
    Narrator: (thinking to himself) What a loony.
    • After this the Narrator uses his knowledge of Monty Python to answer the Hermit's questions to take the Acorn without a fight. The other party members are flummoxed and he asks them to Never Speak Of This Again.