Awesome / Life on Thedas

  • Uldred is defeated first because Throwing Your Sword Always Works if you then magically detonate it while it's lodged in the guy's chest. Second, as he dangles off the top of the tower, Elisa informs him that [["This! Is! Sparta!" This! Is! Ferelden!]] and boots him off.
  • The narrator manages to save Leliana from Majorlaine's thugs armourless and using a bastard sword he recently stole. This is especially noteworthy in that it's pretty much his most heroic/badass moment outside of using demon powers.
  • When Elisa gets cursed by the werewolves, Alistair takes the reins of the party almost immediately and still manages to broker peace despite how pissed he is. He consoles himself by first tanking a direct lightning bolt from Zathrian and then sucker-punching him.
    • Elisa gets one of her own for escaping the elf camp and somehow coercing a halla to take her to the werewolf lair, despite being almost too sick to move.
  • Elisa proves how bad it is to upset her by curb-stomping the Broodmother, dual-wielding two full-size swords for the first time in the story. Being set to Terra's theme helped.
  • Despite the nightmarish overtones, possessed!narrator killing all those darkspawn is this. He Clean Cuts an ogre. With WIND.
  • At the end of the arc Elisa gets another one. As the Eleventh Doctor's theme blares in the background she quickly explains how little respect she has for dwarven politics by dressing down both candidates and reinstating the unrecruited Dwarf Noble.
  • The fight with Flemeth in Chapter 20, from Zevran Colossus Climbing Flemeth to Malcolm's Shut Up, Hannibal! axe to the eye to the narrator and Wynne teaming up to bring Malcolm back from the brink of death.