Heartwarming / Hellsing

  • Alucard's interaction with the Queen.
    Queen: "All these years, and you haven't aged a day, Alucard. Unfortunately, time's march has not been as kind to me. Can you believe how quickly I became an old woman?"
    Alucard: "I still see the same spirited young woman I met 50 years ago, your Majesty. In fact, to my eyes, time has made you even more beautiful, your Highness."
  • Sir Penwood's refusal to flee his command centre when the Nazi invasion begins. He admits to being an incompetent who only got his position because he was born into it, but he refuses to abandon that position because it is his duty to remain at it.
    Penwood: "Sir Integra, you and your man will return to Hellsing Headquarters as quickly as is possible. There are duties you are honour-bound to perform. Go, and see to your sworn obligations. I must stay and perform mine." continued 
    • It gets turned right around on Penwood when he orders all of his men to flee, telling them that he can operate the command centre by himself. The panicked men who just freaking out because they just get assaulted by army of Nazi vampire, facing massive amount of betrayal by people who are tempted by immortality, and some even discussing ways to flee out of London begun to calm down and laugh at his order, telling him that everyone knows that he doesn't know how to use any of the equipment and they respectfully ask him not to get in the way. He's useless— he knows it, they know it— but they have the utmost respect for him to keep doing his duty and refused to flee.
    • Later, some members of the Convention of the Twelve are having an emergency strategic meeting on how to save London, where one points out their last contact with London is Penwood's last broadcast. Sir Island shows some grief, saying that Penwood may be the butt of jokes among the Convention of the Twelve, but he's still a dear friend.
    • Then in the meeting it was pointed out that the convention is currently discussing the idea of the possibility of a betrayer and a younger member suggests that the betrayer might be the seemingly incompetent and cowardly Penwood. Sir Island immediately strikes the notion down pointing out that while Penwood seems like an incompetent coward that people laugh at, Penwood is "a Man among Men" who surely chose the option to kill himself rather than to betray. Sir Island's trust of Penwood was proven right.
  • Pip Bernadotte's request to Seras after their kiss.
    • After Zorin kills him and Seras drinks his blood Zorin tries to reach for Seras' memories again only to find that all she can see are Pip's. A later scene with Schrodinger makes it very clear that despite his death at Zorin's hands, he still exists in some form inside of Seras, and he's protecting her from Zorin's powers
  • The credits of the seventh OVA show that Pip was friends with several members of the Wild Geese — his True Companions. Two of them managed to survive, but two didn't: Pip and the squad leader who was killed by Zorin after she Mind Raped him with an illusion of his dead daughter. Pip wanted to hold off on closing the barricade until he got back, but the merc told his captain that he and his men would die where they were and buy the others as much time as possible. Realizing that they're Childhood Friends just makes this all the more heartwarming, and that much more of a tearjerker when the man dies.
    Merc: "This is Squad 2. Captain, we're in the shit down here. We're not going to be able to make it back to you guys."
    Pip: "Listen, asshole, I don't care if you have to crawl! Fall back to the round table room. That's an order! This is the easiest spot to reinforce, we can hold out for a while. you have to retreat; you're a sitting duck out there. We're not going to close the barricade until you're back!"
    Merc: "Negative, Captain, no can do. They've torn us all to hell, myself included. We'll hold 'em off for as long as we can, but you've got to close that barricade now! Good hunting, Captain."
    Pip: "Fils de bitch! Be that way, brave bastard! If you're ready to die, go for it! I guess this is adieu."
    Merc: "Been a hell of a ride, Captain, I don't regret a thing. Goodbye."
  • Alucard's return to London. How he ignores his enemies to greet Integra first. Then his tender interaction with Seras, patting her head and proudly calling out her name.
  • Young Integra's smile during her first meeting with Penwood. Isn't she just precious?
  • Anderson's last words and smile.
    Anderson: Demons do not cry. Are these the tears of a long-dead child? Demons do not cry; you became a demon because you couldn't cry anymore, right? Humans cry, and when their tears finally run dry, there's nothing left, but a demon or a monster, and one final prayer for death. So laugh, demon. Laugh that arrogant laugh of yours, and remember, I beat you to it. So long will it be then? How long until you're no longer cursed to walk the earth?
    • This is also a major Pet the Dog moment for Anderson as well. Alucard is breaking down and looking utterly distraught after defeating God Monster Anderson only for the dying Anderson to essentially start consoling his rival like a true preacher would and indirectly claiming that despite how much a monster Alucard might think he is, deep down there was still a little bit of humanity left in him.
    • It also addresses a major momenet of empathy as Anderson's brush with immortality as allowed him to gain some insight into how a monster truly works. His last question to Alucard is in concern with how long the No-Life King must continue his cursed existence. Compounded in which he refers to Alucard's crying as "the tears of a long-dead child," where moments earlier, Integra remembers how her father told her that he came to realize that these "immortal monsters" were deep-down "frail, sobbing children."
  • After the brutal battle just minutes earlier, the general peacefulness of Anderson's death is both heartwarming and a major Tear Jerker. He dies hearing the voices of his children speaking and laughing on a warm summer day at the orphanage in Rome, possibly implying that Anderson has been accepted into Heaven despite his I Did What I Had to Do deeds. In a gesture of respect, Integra places Alucard's sword amongst the scattered bayonets to form a cross over Anderson's body while everyone else around him, including his Iscariot children, Seras, and Alucard, are openly grieving his death. If there was ever a Worthy Opponent and Rival who Alucard respected, it was Alexander Anderson.
    Anderson: Who's that? The voices of children? I can hear them, the children...they're all playing, and...I should go. They're all waiting. Is...is that really you, Maxwell? You mustn't cry, children. Say your prayers...before you sleep. Amen, children...
    Alucard: Amen.
  • Seras is reunited with Integra and Alucard (who's in his Level Zero form). She playfully jokes about how Alucard has a mustache now and then Alucard simply reaches out and pats her on the head, and instead of normally calling her "police girl", he simply says "Seras. Seras Victoria." with a look of intense pride on his face. This is, of course, after Seras becomes what Alucard considers to be a "true" vampire, when 99% of all vampires in the series are artificial.
    • From the TV Series: "I'm preparing Sir Integra's afternoon tea." In the previous episode, Integra was bitten by a vampire and tried to commit suicide so that she wouldn't become one herself. In this episode she is undergoing surgery. The rest of the Hellsing group doesn't know if she's going to survive, or if she's going to be the same Integra if she does. And Walter is still making her tea.
    • From that same episode: Integra dreams of the time she met Alucard as a child. She always wanted a Knight by her side, protecting her. She got one — maybe not exactly what she was expecting — but she got one.
    Integra: I was such a child back then...
    Alucard: You will always be that same little girl to me.
  • After their interrupted fight in the museum between him and Alucard, Anderson gives a genuine and warm smile at the notion of bringing some children from the orphanage to see the museum so they can enjoy it. It's small, but it brings home how much this Knight Templar Blood Knight adores his children.
  • In the TV series, the end of episode 10 when Integra thanks Alucard and awakes after the operation.
  • Walter realizing what a fool he was for betraying his comrades, and redeeming himself by returning to the Major's zeppelin and killing Doc, (the last surviving member of Millennium, and possibly the most important one after the Major), before dying with a smile on his face at having finally attained peace.
    • The fact that he returns to his warm, friendly, lovable grandfatherly persona right before he dies seals it.
      • Even sweeter: As far as Walter knows, Alucard is dead and he's not far behind. Fridge Brilliance and heartwarming kicks in when you realize that Walter's last thoughts must have been that he and his vampire friend/ and partner, whom he's known since he was 14, are finally going to be together again.
      • In addition, Integra and Seras still remember him fondly despite what he did years later.
  • This exchange from the last chapter of the manga.
    Integra: I am...already an old grandma.
    Alucard: That's fine with me.
    Integra: Hmph. Welcome home, count.
    Alucard: I'm back, countess.
  • Schrödinger losing his copy of the mission briefing, having to read over the Captain's shoulder, and looking completely adorable. The Captain looks completely content and doesn't even bat an eyelash, and unhesitently turns his book so Schrödinger can read. It's enough to make one forget they're all bloodthirsty physcopaths for a moment.
  • The 10th OVA somehow manages to make the Major's death by gunshot into one of these by way of its background music, transforming what had been a more action-ish scene in the manga into a strangely poignant moment as he dies with a smile on his face.
    • Not to mention there's something darkly heartwarming at his glee at managing to shoot Integra in the eye, sounding surprised and overjoyed that he finally managed to hit something.
  • Pip's last Rousing Speech to his company.
  • The credits of the fifth OVA, in which Islands goes to Arthur Hellsing's grave to pay his respects, also double as a Tearjerker. Islands even has a bottle of alcohol and the very same three beer mugs the three of them used to drink from since the end of World War II. It is likely that Islands, like Integra, bore witness to Penwood's last act of defiance, and his bringing the cups to Arthur's grave makes it seem like he's there to toast yet another fallen friend, and to have one last drink with them.
  • Alucard's When He Smiles moment while he's sleeping in the third manga. Seras even notes that he looks like a little boy imagining the fun he's going to have tomorrow.
    • Likewise, the Captain's smile as he dies. He stays completely stoic for the entire series only to smile and laugh happily as he dies.
    Pip: "He looked like a child who just had a smashing dream."
  • This exchange between Seras and a vampirized Walter:
    Seras: Walter!... um, well... Thank you for everything until now! Take care!
    Walter: You too.
  • In the epilogue, the fact that Integra and Seras don't seem to bear Walter any ill will for his betrayal, and when they do think of him, it's with fond remembrance. Just goes to show how much of a friend he was to practically everyone, which only made his betrayal that much more crushing, and his ultimate redemption the more satisfying.
  • Seras' final exchange with Integra before squaring off with the Captain.
    Seras: Master Integra, you ought to go on ahead.
    Integra: Seras—
    Seras: Find him and skewer that little toad. Every word out of his mouth is like poison. If I have to keep hearing it, I'll go mad.
    Integra: ...Alright. But don't you die. That I would never forgive.
  • Integra describing Penwood as a One-Man Army in the Distant Finale. Even as transparent ploy to scam equipment out of his grandson, that she describes him so highly with a straight face, considering his Cowardly Lion status, it's kind of a nice thing to do.
  • A meta example involving Hellsing Ultimate's run on Toonami. In the middle of its run, it was announced that Toonami would not be able to air the 9th and 10th OVAs due to an unfortunate case of miscommunication (mind you, the Toonami staff were under the impression that they had the rights to all 10 OVA episodes). However, the staff assured their fans that they wouldn't give up on the show and sure enough, the 9th and 10th episodes aired as part of December 2014 Month of Movies.