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Heartwarming: Cheers
  • In "Thanksgiving Orphans," the characters toast loved ones not present for the meal (Carla her kids, Cliff his mom, etc.) They all, however, echo Sam's own toast, as the absent loved one is someone they each have in common: Coach.
  • Norm's speech about love at the end of "One For the Road" is definitely one as Norm was never a character known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve.
  • At one point, Norm believes his wife Vera, whom he has described in uniformly unflattering terms for humor, may be having an affair and contemplating divorce. Alone with Sam, he quietly tells him that it was all an act, something he did just for laughs, and admits on the verge of tears that he literally cannot imagine a life without her. The confession may just be the most heartwarming subversion of Look Behind You in history.
  • In a similar vein, but ultimately played for laughs, Carla confesses to Sam that her husband's been unfaithful, her children disrespectful, and that she has nothing to live for, and she's been living a lie about all of this for years. When Sam tells her he's been doing the same, she tearfully rejects that, pointing out he's still a lady's man ten years on. And then Sam takes off his toupee, and Carla laughs and says he's worse off.
    • In an earlier episode, Carla is rocked by the fact she would be a grandmother, and moans that she never had a real teenager's life, because she was pregnant at age 13 and never got to enjoy herself. After a disastrous attempt to have a slumber party with her to cheer her up, she tells Sam that she feels rotten, but something will get her to lighten up again. A few moments after everyone's left, Cliff returns to get his sunglasses. When he bends down to pick them up, the seat of his slacks rip, and he moans that he'd just let them out. After he leaves, a few moments pass by before Carla starts howling in laughter, her depression conquered.
  • "Sumner's Return":
    Diane: You read War and Peace.
    Sam: So did he.
    Diane: You did it for me.
  • Diane quickly develops a sweet fondness for Woody, along the lines of "the-little-brother-I-never-had". This friendship reaches a high point of tenderness in "Strange Bedfellows, Part 3", when Diane has all but hit emotional rock-bottom, fearing that she may well have lost Sam forever to a rival:
    Woody: Well...I heard him say that he kinda likes her. But in my opinion, you and Sam make a much better couple.
    Diane: (Tries to shrug it off, and force a chuckle) ...Really?
    Woody: Yeah. You’re my two favorite people in the whole world.
    Diane: Oh, Woody....
    (She gives him a big hug)
    • In Season Five's "Thanksgiving Orphans", after Diane shows up for the dinner at Carla's house, Woody makes it a point to express how happy he is for it. Diane responds by giving him a kiss on the cheek.
  • What is probably Sam and Diane's Crowning Moment of Heartwarming comes in Season One's "Let Me Count The Ways". Diane describes through streams of tears how much her late cat Elizabeth meant to her. (See: entry in Tear Jerker page.) Sam ends up shedding some Manly Tears of his own, and comforts her with a hug.
    • This ALMOST leads to romance—but Diane puts a stop to it, stunned by the sudden surge of intimacy. This frustrates Sam like mad—which leads to a classic Sam/Diane argument, culminating in Diane about to storm out, BUT...
    Sam: DIANE—
    Diane: What?
    Sam: Wait.
    Diane: What is it?
    Sam: I'm sorry about your cat!
    Diane: THANK YOU! (Stops short, turns to him) ...Thank you...!
    Sam: (Softly) You're welcome....
  • In Season Four's "Fear Is My Co-Pilot", Sam and Diane fear that they're about to die in a plane crash. During their possible final moments, Sam suggests they calm down by talking about "all the good things"...
    Diane: (Through streams of tears) Good things? What about all the things that are never gonna happen? I'm never gonna get married...I'm never gonna have a baby!...I'm never gonna get oldI don't even—have a grey hair!
    Diane: (panicking) I DO?!? W-WHERE?!?
    (Plane lurches!)
    Diane: SAM—HOLD ME!!!
    Sam: Oh...oh, it would've been us, one of these days, wouldn't it, hon?—you and me, married? (Diane hugs him tightly) Yeah-yeah....
    Diane: (Tearful Smile) Oh, yes...! Little—Sams and Dianes, running around?
    Sam: (Chuckling) Oh, yeah! (They kiss) Oh, gah...why didn't I ask you, when I had the chance?
    Diane: Why did I go to Europe?
    Sam: (Patting her reassuringly) No, no, it's...
    Diane: (Whispering) At least we're going together....
  • Diane's prayer in the end of the Season Four premier, asking for a "little sign" on whether she should return with Sam to Cheers, or stay in the convent. The whole sequence is very touching and sweet—especially as Diane is approaching it very much like "a little child":
    (Nervous smile) I...haven't done this since I was a child...but—when in Rome.... Now, I know there are—far greater problems in the world then mine...but, I'm feeling as though I'm at a crossroads... (swallows) "...and I was wondering...if you could give me a little me what to do....
    • A long pause follows—and as Diane waits in silence, she gets very close to shedding tears—clearly fearing her prayer won't be answered. At last, though—Sam comes back in, asking for directions to the "men's room".
      Diane: (annoyed) Sam, would you put a men's room in a convent?!
      Sam: Right now, I would!
      • After he leaves...Diane's realization that God's answered her prayer after all is the crown jewel of the sequence:
        (Resuming prayer) Just—any sign. Something— (she freezes—her eyes widen) OH...! (glances where Sam left, then back upward, overjoyed) Well...! (deadpan) ...It's not the parting of the Red Sea... (shrugs; chuckles) but that's nitpicking...
  • After Frasier's speech to them in "Triangle" (see the "Awesome" tab), Sam and Diane are left stunned silent by the good doctor's forcing them to confront and accept the fact that they are one another's One True Love. After a long pause...
    Diane: Well?
    Sam: Well, what?
    Diane: What do you think about—what Frasier said?
    Sam: (Shrugs) Frasier's a pretty sharp guy....
    Diane: (Nervous chuckle) Well, we agree on something.... What's next?
    Diane: (Pause; Tearful Smile) Then, we agree on something else....
  • In Season One's "Father Knows Last", Diane discover's Carla's growing desperation over having to care for all her kids—especially considering how there's another one along the way. What does Diane do? She organizes a bar-wide fundraiser to help Carla get back on her feet...while serenading all with her golden-voiced rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone". The rest of the bar joins in the singing...and though Carla tries her best to be stone-faced, and blank, even she can't help fighting tears by the end of the sequence, as she toasts the others in gratitude.
  • Carla gets her own Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Woody takes Kelly to a (not-so-seedy) motel, after his growing concerns over French Jerk Henri's constant "jokes" about stealing Kelley from Woody. Carla shows up, and counsels them not to have their "first time together" for the wrong reasons—it should only be when they're really sure they're ready. She notes that she'd made the same mistake (with Nick). It's a very touching and heartfelt sequence.
    • The moment is seemingly subverted when Carla calls Henri into the room, "revealing" that it was all to get Woody and Kelly out so she could get a "free room". And then Carla's seduction of the man begins with, "Here's your chance.... Steal me from Woody!" With that (and recalling her previous warnings to Woody about the man), we realize Carla, for all her denials, had noble motivations after all.
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