Heartwarming / Bolt

"That's a keeper."
About every other scene in Bolt, starting with the opening and ending with the fade-out.
  • Bolt and Rhino freeing Mittens from the local animal shelter, tempered by Bolt's realization that he doesn't have any superpowers to break her out with.
    Bolt: Are you ready for this?
    Mittens: No.
    Bolt: ...Me neither.
  • In the deserts of Nevada, Mittens attempts to explain to Bolt that his owner Penny was just pretending to like him as part of her acting job. Bolt knows better.
    Bolt: "Penny is different."
  • Rhino calling Mittens out for letting Bolt go on alone. It may be over the top but ultimately what he says is a major part of heroism:
    Rhino: If Bolt's taught me one thing, it's that you never abandon a friend in a time of need! When your teammate's in trouble, you go! Not caring what dangers you'll face, you go! Not knowing if you'll come back dead or alive... you go! Knowing how deeply the shrapnel will pierce your hide...
  • Bolt and Mittens' platonic Falling in Love Montage set to "Barking at the Moon", where Bolt gets to experience the fun parts of being a dog for the first time in his life.
  • Mittens at the climax when Rhino uses his hamster ball to prop up the falling rubble of the studio so Bolt can get inside and save Penny, grunting stoically "It is a good day to die!" as his ball starts to crack under the weight. But Mittens wont have any of that. She rushes in, opens the hamster ball, and pulls Rhino to safety. What makes this even more heart-melting is that when we first saw her, Mittens was a cynical, I-look-out-only-for myself loner. Take a look at her now:
    Mittens: Not on my watch, rodent!
  • Mindy From The Network displaying extreme distaste of Penny's Jerkass agent, and speaking to her quietly and like an adult. Unlike the others, she doesn't try to give Penny false hope or act like the bond between her and Bolt is something that can be replaced. She just tells her that people are going to start losing their jobs if they can't start filming again, and asks her to be strong and go back to work. It's a refreshing change.
  • The real-life super-bark.
  • Combines liberally with Tear Jerker, but the moment Bolt resigns himself to the fact that he doesn't know how to save Penny from the fire, he lays down beside her... presumably to die with her. Just the fact that he loved her that much... Thankfully, he remembers the air vent trick shortly thereafter.
  • The end credits that feature Penny's new adventures with Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino. The animation is so adorable. Also featured at the end is Dr. Calico (or rather, the actor) posing with the show's director and the d-bag agent.
  • Of course we have to keep remembering that the 'bad guys' are actors and bear no real animosity towards the main characters. Still, Dr. Calico's Second-In-Command (who'd ordered her kidnap in the television show at the beginning) went out of his way, staying behind with the two crewmen who tried to get Penny out safely in the climax. When she's carried out, she can see him, ash-stained and still sitting on the ground trying to breathe.
  • META: When it was decided that story artist Mark Walton's scratch voice for Rhino would wind up in the final film, the crew decided to break the news to him by bringing him in to record some new lines, one of which was "...and I'm the voice of Rhino". The DVD shows a video of him recording the dialogue, doing a double take when he gets to that line and freaking out in joy.
  • Penny, Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino all taking a picture together, shown above.