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Headscratchers: 30 Days of Night
  • About the movie: It just bugs me that all the vampires speak a foreign language that sounds like they're gargling razor blades and tabasco sauce. Just... why? Their permanent Game Faces also bug me, these are vampires who were supposed to be pretty good at blending in until you looked too close. Yeah, they spoke with evil looking speech bubbles, but it was never so weird that people who didn't see them doing something horrible thought "monster/vampire!"
    • Rule of Scary.
    • Also seen their teeth? They might as well be gargling razor blades, the creators of the comic call them "Sharks suited in people suits" they're not suppose to be human like, they're monsters.
    • This little girl does speak English, none of the other vampires actually do other than Marlow who probably sticks to his ancient Amazonian language because he has complete contempt for modern day man.
    • This troper met Danny "King of the Vampires" Huston himself at a screening of the movie. Apart from being the nicest celebrity I've ever met, he was very happy to discuss every aspect of the film. He seemed extremely proud of the vampire language, saying that the filmmakers had hired a Cunning Linguist to craft a separate language for the creatures. He explained that the language was meant to sound "tribal" and imply that the vampires had existed completely separately from humanity in their own community for millennia. I don't know if anything like this is implied in the comic book, having not read it, but that was apparently the intention in the film.
  • This troper was bothered by the fact that no one ever tired to perform the classic vampire killing method, a wooden stake through the heart. There was plenty of wood around and while admittedly the characters couldn't be entirely sure that it would work (as these Vampires don't seem to have all the standard weaknesses) they still could have tried!
    • Sure okay, here's your wooden stake and um, good luck out there against; a horde of super-fast, super strong, un-dead monsters that have just wiped out the rest of our cosy little town. In darkness too, I might add.
  • Why did the vampires massacre everyone they could find on the very first night? This was their food source for the next three months. Why not round them up and shove them in a basement? For freshness sake! I love Oreos. But if I had ten boxes of Oreos I would not tear open every case on day one. They get stale fast. Open one package at a time, you stupid, stupid vampires.
    • They spent the last 100 odd years lurking in the shadows, being careful, restricting themselves. Barrow is like a holiday, time to cut loose and indulge themselves.
      • Did the Vampires think past their 30-day bingefest? Once they had killed everybody in an isolated Alaskan town, and the sun finally came up, what were they going to do next? Their one loyal human was dead, so who was going to help them move on?
      • Especially when early on it seems like they're planning on coming "Out of the Coffin" (as it were) and planning to take over the Earth. Taking over towns in the Arctic Circle makes sense - you could convert entire towns without worrying about that pesky daylight. But they just kill everyone (well, almost everyone). Wouldn't it make more sense to build up their numbers using this window of opportunity and gradually spread vampirism through Alaska (and presumably, Siberia, Norway and anywehre else Arctic)? Though if they actually had a spaceship to fall back to that would at least make slightly more sense.
    • Did anyone stop to think that Vampires aren'tt like Anne Rice portrays them. We are talking about demons here they are feral. They don't think about "oh , I better conserve food" and "well what will I do in 30 days" or "let me be polite and wipe my mouth." I think they would be more like this than the way they are portrayed in other movies, books or TV.
      • Well it's rather clear they're not feral, they're normally exacting and being careful not to be discovered. This time however they could cut loose and enjoy themselves.
      • This is all solved in the sequel Dark Days when we learn that the ship that brought them is actually their base of operations.
  • As someone pointed out above, exactly how far in advance did the vampires think here? Aside from the fact they left no one to help them move on to the next town, they decided to burn down everything to destroy the evidence. Sounds smart, until the fact is considered that they now have nowhere to hide when the sun comes up in about an hour. I know they are all incredibly fast, but unless they plan on sprinting about a hundred miles to the next town to find shelter or there's some conveniently located natural caves nearby, they just screwed themselves over. No wonder Stella said not to pursue them at the end. They'd all be ash in about another half hour anyway.
    • Maybe they were planning on slaughtering everyone over the course of one or two weeks, before burning the town down, and still having ample time to find shelter. They didn't really plan on the human survivors launching much of a counterattack. And as for running off in the snow, half an hour before sunrise? Well, for their sake, let's hope they can dig REALLY fast.
      • The ship they came on?
  • This applies to both the movie and the comics. The vampires in this series sure seem to guzzle blood by the gallonful. Now, both movie and comics have made it clear that one bite (and in the case of the comics, a scratch) will vamp a person. So, given all of this, how are vampires maintaining the Masquerade? Hell, how have we not reached Zombie Apocalypse levels of vampires ala I Am Legend?
    • The Vampires rarely go bezerk on towns like this, and when they do they make sure to not to allow anyone to turn and to burn the place to make it look like an accident. That's why they ruptured the oil pipeline at Barrow. They normally prey on people in small doses - a few missing persons here, or a few homeless there - and it usually just flies under the radar. It's also implied that there's a vast behind-the-scenes conspiracy hiding knowledge of the vampires to preserve their Masquerade.
    • Also later comics show vampire kill those they make too much trouble, and given how view bodies are not ground beef by the time a vampire is done feeding it, its rather clear vampires keep there numbers down.
  • I only saw the film once, but I was stopped dead (NPI) by Barrow's supposed total air traffic shutdown during the dark month. Why would that be a reason to cease flight operations? Had none of the production team ever seen an airplane flying at night?
    • The airport shuts down probably due to lack of staff and lack of customers, remember most people leave for the dark month. All other transportation was destroyed by the vampires, including helicopters.
    • Flying into areas that experience that level of darkness actually is fairly dangerous. Even properly staffed, there is a lot more that can go wrong. Unless it's a critical flight, no air control is going to clear a flight into a dark zone. The fact there is also no demand outside emergency flights also doesn't help matters.
  • The Vampires are supposed to be constantly searching the entire town for survivors and Eben's group don't even dare to make the slightest noise (for the most part), lest they attract any of them. So, how could Billy have performed his Mercy Kill to his wife and daughters without them hearing the gunshots. This is because he killed them while the vampires where running around having a bloody frenzy and there where lots of gunfire. They did not notice for all the noise.
    • Also, The Stranger manages to move around the entire town completely unnoticed, whilst sabotaging most means of escape and contact the town has to the outside world and no-one really knows how. This includes stealing every cell-phone he can, sabotaging the local plane by throwing it's engine in a grinder and killing all of the sled-dogs. Now the last one, would have been the least likely one he would've been able to get away with, both in terms of being caught and in terms of not receiving any bodily harm. He simply walks up to each of them with a knife and stabs them to death, now not only would the noise have been tremendous, but in a Real Life situation, the instant he even attempted that, the dogs would have been on him and torn him apart. They were chained up sure, but Huskies have been known to quite easily chew through steel when they want to (in little under a few seconds in some cases) and are fiercely loyal to each and every one of their group. You harm one of them, not even a knife will help you out much before they're on you (and this troper is speaking as some-one who has had experience with these kind of dogs). The comic mostly averts this by leaving out the two latter scenes and strongly implying that The Stranger was a Vampire (in the film, he's Human all the way) and thus able to move around much more stealthily (under cover of darkness) until he is arrested.
    • One of the humans uses an ice cutting machine to kill several vampires. When they finally catch him. The lead vampire extoles that "When man meets a force he can't destroy. He destroys himself instead." Which given that he just killed ten of them does not make a lick of sense. He must of just been acting smug.
  • A number of things will happen if you attack a member of a large sled dog pack hand-to-hand. You walking out of there without a mark on you is not one of them.
    • The Stranger does have a dog bite on his left hand afterwards, but it's easy to miss given the filthy condition his hands are already in.
    • The same can also be said for somehow collecting every satellite phone from a town where most everyone is an armed roughneck that spends most of their time around the house.
    • Where were all the vampires going to go before Eben challenged Marlow? They fight for about ten minutes and the sun was almost ready to rise by the end of it. Where were they going to hide from the rays, seeing as how they were burning down all bits of shelter in the town?
      • Fridge Brilliance According to how it really works, the first sunrise would be a very short one, possibly under an hour if I understand it right, and hence, the vampires would not need a very permanent hiding place, just a temporary one. Or more possibly, they were going to head back to that boat you saw 'the stranger' watching in the beginning of the movie.

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