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Headscratchers: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • In Phantom Hourglass, why doesn't Link just throw Black Rupoors away so they don't have a negative effect on his wallet?
    • Because the Black Rupoor isn't actually a stone, it's a solidified black hole in magical stasis. It activates itself only when in contact with air, so it will only be effective when Link digs it out. And once it's out, it'll suck any Rupees in its effect radius, and the rupees closest to it will be, invariably the ones in Link's... uh... pockets? Anywhat, then it destroys itself taking the Rupees away. So it's not a matter of "taking or not taking", it's about finding at all. Hey, you asked.
    • But if it's true that they react with air, what about the cavern on the Isle of The Dead where the floor is covered in Rupoor? They're obviously exposed to air...
  • Maybe the magical stasis isn't activated by air, it's triggered by Link's presence.
  • I've always imagined Rupoors as made of antimatter, which would cause a massive explosion upon contact with matter- Link's hand or shovel in this case. Why don't they react to air or dirt, which is also matter? Why do they only destroy Rupees? Answer: Magic!
  • King Mutoh had three of his four knights buried on the Isle of Ruins with him. But why did he have poor Brant buried all the way over on the Isle of the Dead? Is Mutoh just a jerk?
  • At one point, Jolene says that it has been "100 years" since something happened between her and Linebeck. Just how old are those two?
    • Most likely it's a literal translation of the Japanese way of saying 'never'/'highly unlikely' - 'You're 100 years too early to beat me!' etc etc. Basically it's a bad translation of 'it was so long ago it's not even worth talking about'.
  • How does one press two maps toegether if one had a Nintendo 2DS?
    • The 2DS has a sleep switch on the bottom-right corner. It functions the same as shutting one of the other models.
  • If it's All Just a Dream, then how do you explain Jolene existing in the game?
    • The idea is that it's not All Just a Dream - Link's possession of the Phantom Hourglass in the end, as well as the sight of Linebeck sailing on the horizon, was meant to clarify that point.

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