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Funny: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Linebeck shaking Link until he can't even look straight anymore (repeatedly).
  • Pick a scene with Linebeck and Ciela. Any scene.
  • Oshus' tendency to interrupt Link's trademark Item Get pose, which doesn't just annoy, but also baffles him.
  • Linebeck accidentally knocking over Stone Tetra in the background, and then hastily setting her back up, all while Oshus tells Link important plot details.
  • Ciela essentially being Navi on speed with a huge portion of short-temperedness on top. Paired with Linebeck's Jerk with a Heart of Gold tendencies, Hilarity Ensues.
  • There's this one weird bearded Link cosplayer, sailing around in something that looks uncomfortably much like the King of Red Lions... along with other weird people you meet in this game.
  • The game's penchant for deliberately subverting the "TREASURE GET" sting:
    • The "TREASURE GET" Sting after Linebeck shakes you is just priceless.
    • And for good measure, the "TREASURE GET" sting about a minute before that one, when you open the chest with the key only to find that it's been emptied already. The sting abruptly stops halfway through, so we get:
    • And, if that still isn't enough messing with the "TREASURE GET" sting, there's the Rupoor variation:
      DA-NA-NA-DOoOoo... [Link cringes as he looks at the Rupoor]
    • Presenting the Phantom Hourglass when needed gets it snatched impatiently out of your hands.
      DA-NA-NA- [Oshus grabs the Phantom Hourglass, leaving Link looking shocked]
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