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[[folder:Black Rupoor]]

* In Phantom Hourglass, why doesn't Link just throw Black Rupoors away so they don't have a negative effect on his wallet?
** Because the Black Rupoor isn't actually a stone, it's a solidified black hole in magical stasis. It activates itself only when in contact with air, so it will only be effective when Link digs it out. And once it's out, it'll suck in any Rupees in its effect radius, and the rupees closest to it will be, invariably, the ones in Link's... uh... pockets? Anyway, it then destroys itself, taking the Rupees away. So it's not a matter of "taking or not taking", it's about finding any at all. Hey, ''you'' asked.
** A black rupoor is a [[UnrealisticBlackHole Black Hole]]? [[FridgeLogic What would happen if there were too many of them]]?
** But if it's true that they react with air, what about the cavern on the Isle of The Dead where the floor is covered in Rupoor? They're obviously exposed to air...
** Maybe the magical stasis isn't activated by air, it's triggered by Link's presence.
** I've always imagined Rupoors as made of antimatter, which would cause a massive explosion upon contact with matter--Link's hand or shovel in this case. Why don't they react to air or dirt, which is also matter? Why do they only destroy Rupees? Answer: [[AWizardDidIt Magic!]]
** But when Link does his ItemGet pose, the item just floats in midair. Link doesn't touch it at all.
** [[InsaneTrollLogic Maybe they react to Item Get poses as well.]]
** Link has already been established as a bit of a kleptomaniac with a penchant for shiny things - maybe he doesn't like the idea of having Rupoors, but just can't resist the urge to pick them up and put them in his wallet when they're just ''sitting there'' waiting for someone to take them.



* King Mutoh had three of his four knights buried on the Isle of Ruins with him. But why did he have poor Brant buried all the way over on the Isle of the Dead? Is Mutoh just a jerk?
** Hey, if [[Webcomic/{{Hiimdaisy}} The King of Hyrule Is a Jerk]], I don't see why King Mutoh doesn't have to be a jerk.
** Brant was kept on the Isle of the Dead because his temple was there and so he could guard the Regal Necklace, the only key to the Isle of Ruins. As for why his temple was built there, perhaps when the Cobble Kingdom was still alive and thriving, Brant's home was located somewhere on or near the Isle of the Dead, and he wanted to do something that would bring some honor to it. After he died, King Mutoh and the other Knights could have figured being buried there is what he would've wanted.


[[folder:100 years]]

* At one point, Jolene says that it has been "100 years" since something happened between her and Linebeck. Just how old are those two?
** Most likely it's a literal translation of the Japanese way of saying 'never'/'highly unlikely' - 'You're 100 years too early to beat me!' etc etc. Basically it's a bad translation of 'it was so long ago it's not even worth talking about'.


[[folder:Pressing maps together]]

* How does one press two maps together if one had a Nintendo 2DS?
** The 2DS has a sleep switch on the bottom-right corner. It functions the same as shutting one of the other models.
** The Wii U's Virtual Console version, meanwhile, requires you to open and close the HOME or VC menus. Both cases are a lot more cryptic than the original solution, though - a lot of people left questions on Miiverse asking how they were supposed to solve it.


* If [[spoiler:it's AllJustADream]], then how do you explain Jolene existing in the game?
** The idea is that [[spoiler:it's ''not'' AllJustADream]] - Link's possession of the Phantom Hourglass in the end, as well as the sight of Linebeck sailing on the horizon, was meant to clarify that point.


[[folder:Bellum and the treasure]]

* How did Bellum get people to think there was a great treasure within the Ghost Ship? He's a giant squid-ish monster who lives at the bottom of the Temple of the Ocean King, and it seems the only things he creates are mindless monsters.
** They probably started to believe it all on their own. The ghost ship looks like a pirate ship, and what pirate ship doesn't have pirate booty?


[[folder:Mutoh's letter]]

* How is King Mutoh able to send Link a letter?
** Have you seen how powerful mailmen are in this universe?


[[folder:Ciela's powers]]

* When Link uses Ciela's powers through a Phantom Sphere to stop time, she is rendered frozen along with everything else. How does this power benefit her when she doesn't have someone to activate the spheres, then?


[[folder:Linebeck's ship]]

* Who the heck designed Linebeck's ship? It's supposedly a steamboat, but when you go below deck, the engine doesn't posses anything resembling a furnace, and when it's docked, it makes a "putt-putt" sound. Despite the ship being shown to have a bridge, the helm is located ''below deck'' and is mounted directly to the engine where Linebeck shouldn't even be able to see. Not only that, but it seems that the bridge doesn't even have a door on it; is it just decorative? Since the cannon and salvage arm are shown to pop up out of the deck, one would assume they are being folded up and stored in a compartment below, despite both of them being about half the ship's size, and the engine room clearly not containing anything of the sort.
** ArtisticLicenseShips. I'm more confused as to why they chose to include the S.S. Linebeck at all, instead of just bringing back the King of Red Lions. Isn't that like having Link ride Epona in ''Ocarina of Time'', and then just giving him an entirely new horse with no explanation in ''Majora's Mask''.
** You could also ask how Link is able to customize the ship so quickly, when what he is doing is basically dismantling the entire thing and reassembling it with all-new parts - this is something that, as far as I know, should take hours or days and cost more than just what Link pays for each part.


[[folder:The memories of the other spirits]]
* Why don't Leaf and Nari remember that Ciela is the Spirit of Courage? Even if she's supposed to be yellow instead of white, she still has the same name and the same voice, and when she does finally re-fuse with her other half, the other two seem to recognize her instantly. So what gives?
** They're just balls of light with wings, basically. Not much to recognize.
** There's much more to recognize. As is mentioned, they should recognize her voice, her spunky, courageous personality, her ability to sense evil, and her name, too. Plus, Ciela's line "You look just like me!" when her other half is freed would imply that there's some difference between her appearance and that of most other fairies - otherwise, she wouldn't compare it specifically to herself.

* Not that she was my favorite partner, but Ciela is one of the few companions Link has where it makes little sense that she has to leave his side in the end, when you think about it. She had already split herself in two before, with her personality being one half and her powers being the other - now that she's been restored to her full power at the end of the game and has the might of the Ocean King on her side, you'd think she would be able to make the split again in a more balanced, controlled manner, wouldn't she? Her spirit half could stay and continue to serve the Ocean King, while her actual persona could just stay with Link, if she really wanted to.

[[folder: Sunlight]]
* If all it takes to revitalize the Sand of Hours is sunlight, why not just create some cracks in the walls to allow sunlight to reach inside the temple, like they've done in countless other dungeons across the series?
** Because the temple goes extremely far below the earth and the cracks would either just let the sun pass at one specific moment of the day or you'd have to destroy half of every floor you pass on the way down.
** Well, so did the Earth Temple in ''The Wind Waker''. (True, that dungeon had less floors, but the floors in ''Phantom Hourglass'' are a lot smaller, vertically, than TWW's.)

* If this is the same Link from ''The Wind Waker'', why can't he swim in this game, when he could in that game?
** There's probably not any real reason, but I like to think that witnessing the death of the King of Red Lions has traumatized Link, making it so that he can't enter deep water lest he flash back to that moment.

[[folder: Elemental arrows]]
* Even if I were to accept that Link wasn't carrying any items from his last adventure with him when he tried to save Tetra from the Ghost Ship, or that they fell from his pouch while he was floating unconscious in the sea, what happened to his fire and ice arrows? In ''The Wind Waker'', the Fairy Queen gave Link the aid of two elemental fairies, who were shown flying into his chest, allowing him to add fire and ice powers to his arrows. Come this game, Link finds a new bow, and the game never gives you that option, nor an explanation why.