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Headscratchers: The Legend of Zelda Oracle games
  • Anyone else think Oracle of Seasons' overworld map resembles the map from the original Zelda?
    • That and all the bosses are the same! I understand OoS was originally going to be a remake of the original game, but those plans didn't get very far.
    • Yeah, that's the case. OoS was supposed to be the first game and an unmade third game (left alone because of problems with the password system) was supposed to be the second game.

  • So if there was a third game; do you think maybe Farore would have been a painter, and the villain would kidnap her, the Oracle of Secrets, and then transform the world into Morrowind or a modern-day FPS game while Link had to gather the essences of colour (ROYGBIV plus something like pink maybe) to restore the world back to its natural and colourful state?
    • I didn't think about it before, but now I wish they did that :(
    • Actually it was suppose to be Naryu's game with color, it was called Oracle of Light and would deal with the 6 pieces of the rainbow of color in also traveled between a Light World and a Dark World...

  • How did Twinrova come back to life?
    • Well, they did seem to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence in Ocarina, so... Maybe they're not really "dead" and the goddesses let them just come back for some reason.
    • Seeing as the Oracle games take place in the Decline timeline, their deaths simply might not have happened that time around. After all, the sages that sealed away Ganon in OOT seem to be different ones than the ones in ALTTP (it's hard to believe the former all having Hylian descendants) - Link may have never even met Koume and Kotake in this timeline.
      • Or Link did meet and kill them, but after Link was then killed, Ganondorf revived them sometime before he finally was sealed. Probably because he thought they might be useful at some point. Which they were, sorta.

  • Hyrule Historia marks these games as a sequel to A Link to the Past, and for the most part the games themselves suggest the same thing. However, implication suggests that the Lv. 2 sword (Noble Sword) and Lv. 3 sword (Master Sword) are one and the same, in different stages of power. It is also heavily implied of both that this is the very same Master Sword seen in many other Zelda games. So... how did it get from Hyrule to Holodrum/Labrynna?
    • of special note, it's found sitting in a pedestal in Holodrum, in a place called the Lost Woods. Geographically speaking, if it was the same place as in Alttp, then Link would have been in Holodrum all along.
      • The Lost Woods have always had strange teleporting abilities.
    • Alternatively, it is a broken sword given to you in the distant past in Labrynna. The previous owner states that it was given to them by "the legendary hero". If The Hero of Time broke the Master Sword and gave it to someone, how does Link find it in A Link to the Past?

  • How is Ambi in Holodrum in the Linked Game? I mean, it's set in the Present...
    • Nayru can travel in Time...
    • Ambi explicitly states that she had Nayru send her into the future the first time she appears.
  • Ralph, from Oracle of Ages, is listed on the Video Games page as The Scrappy in legend of Zelda. This is a case of YMMV, but how is Ralph annoying? He only shows up a couple of times in the game, and when he does, he only says a few lines before running off.

  • Ambi is still lovesick over someone who is revealed to be dead if you link from Ages to seasons... so where did Ralph come from? Ralph is her descendant after all.
    • Maybe at some point Ambi married for political reasons, or she did get over her old lover.

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