Funny: The Legend of Zelda Oracle games

  • Link botches a joke.
  • A bit of Video Game Cruelty Potential... toss the skull around in the desert.
    • Some more: Throw stuff into the toilet. There's someone stuck in there mind you...
  • From Oracle of Seasons: "Santa Welcome!!!" Mentioning Santa in a Zelda game is just so absurd it's funny.
    • Better yet, you can only enter that house by setting the season to Winter, climbing to the roof and falling down the chimney. Merry Christmas!
      Hey, you're not Santa!
  • In Seasons, you can open a chest with one rupee in it. "You got 1 Rupee! ..."
  • Again, from Seasons: "Simply divine! Impeccably fine! Gorgeous design! Notably kind! Signs!!!"
  • Maple eventually getting a Flying Saucer!