Funny / The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

  • The Four Swords Manga had some very funny moments. For instance, the Link in the manga is shown to be brash and headstrong, thinking he doesn't need help from anyone. So what happens when he takes up the Four Sword? All four of him start to argue with each other, naturally.
    Blue: You three can call each other stupid nicknames! I'M Link! I'm the main Link, got it?
    Green: If there's a main Link, it's me! Everyone knows Link dresses in green!
  • Red Link is by far the cutest little guy in the whole thing. When he first got the fire rod he had no idea what he was doing, and that's what makes him the funny one of the group.
    Fairy: You did that on purpose! You're as mean as Blue!
  • The ability to toss the commonly destroyed pots onto the heads of your fellow Links. The other person's screen will go completely black save for their Link with the jar on his head.
  • If Link spends too much time trying to push or pull an object, his face eventually becomes red.