Characters: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

The Heroes


The main character and hero of the game. The catch is that you play as four Links in this game, but his/their destiny is the same as always. With the Four Sword/s in hand/s, he/they set out to Save the Princess and defeat the Evil Sorcerer Vaati.


Princess Zelda is Link's childhood friend. At the beginning of the game, she explains the Four Sword´s backstory to Link. She is worried that the seal on Vaati might be weakening and goes to check on it, which promptly gets her kidnapped by Vaati.

The Great Fairies

The Great Fairies of Forest,Flame and Ice

Three Great Fairies that hold the keys that are needed to advance further and eventually reach Vaati. However, they won´t give them to the Links for free. They first have to prove themselves to them by collecting many rupees.

  • Big Good: They´re essentially this for the game.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: They first grant the Links the heroic titles of "little eggs".

The Villains


Vaati is a powerful Evil Sorcerer in Four Swords. No longer remembering his past as a Picori, his motivation is entirely based on his lust.