Headscratchers / The Almighty Johnsons

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    What happened to Ty's female friends? 
  • I forget the exact number he claimed to have, but why are they never seen or even mentioned again? He didn't even seem bothered that none of them would remember him after losing his Hodrness (or excited that he has a chance to woo them again.) Granted, the thing with being in love with Dawn is partly an excuse in that case, but definitely doesn't excuse them being missing up to that point.
    • I think Hod had no effect on those relationships; he simply struck out.
    • Zeb forgot him, as did every other mortal. It wasn't the striking out that was bothering me, it was that in the beginning of the series, he was still calling them friends. I know I would be upset if all my friends forgot me, not just about my girlfriend.
    • He largely ignored them when he realized the reason he struck out with all of them was because Anders told them he was gay.

    Who was Gaia intended to become? 
  • If Hanna was Frigg all along, and Gaia only became Idunn because of what happened just before her apotheosis, then who from the Norse pantheon would she have been otherwise?
    • As it says in the Fridge section, she likely would have become Papatuanuku.