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Characters: The Almighty Johnsons
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     The Johnsons 

Axl Johnson/Odin


The youngest of the Johnsons whose destiny is to become Odin, the big kahuna of Norse mythology. Wisdom, war, death, prophecy, battle and magic are among the many powers associated with Odin.

Mike Johnson/Ullr


The eldest of the Johnson boys whose God-like power is derived from Ullr, the God of skill, hunt and duel.

Anders Johnson/Bragi

The second Johnson brother whose God-like power is derived from Bragi, the God of poetry.

Ty Johnson/Hr


The third Johnson brother and human incarnation of Hr (aka Hodor, Hodur, Hoor or Hoth), the Norse God of winter and darkness.

Olaf Johnson/Baldr


The grandfather of the Johnson boys, he is the human incarnation of Baldr, the Norse God of rebirth, light and beauty.

     Gods & Goddesses 


A mad and temperamental farmer, who currently is possessed by the god spirit of Thor.

Colin Gundersen/Loki

The Norse God of Fire, and lover of fun and mischief.


The wisest of all the Gods and is established as being able to access this knowledge as a part of his god powers.

  • Elemental Shapeshifter: He is said to be made from the saliva of the Gods so when he needs to get away he can turn into a liquid.

Agnetha/ Elizabet Johnson/Freyja

Leader of the Goddesses and the human incarnation of Freyja (or Freya) who is the Norse Goddess equivalent of Odin.


A hairdresser, part-time fortune-teller, enthusiastic genealogist and also the human incarnation of Snotra, the Norse Goddess of wisdom.


A junior doctor and the human incarnation of Sjfn, a Norse Goddess associated with love for and of both men and women.

  • Bi the Way
  • Back from the Dead: Axl makes a vow to bring her back to life just before the Agar begins. Once the spirit of the gods have returned to Asgard, Michele gets brought back to life by Odin.
  • Berserk Button: There really isn't much that doesn't set Michele off. Chief amongst them is insulting her and reminding her about her status as a 'minor' goddess.
    • Sleeping with her ex seems to be in the top five, as Hanna/Frygg found out when she pulled a knife on her.
  • Killed Off for Real: Martin/Heimdall kills her when he senses her threatening Hanna.
  • Love Goddess
  • The Medic: In both the literal and supernatural sense. The stick of Yggdrasil gives her temporary healing powers.
  • Not Quite Dead: Hanna/Frygg gives her some of her Frygg power to bring her back to a point. Once Sjofn leaves for Asgard, Michele won't survive.
  • Woman Scorned: She does not take kindly to Mike breaking up with her, to put it lightly.


An ex-emo cycle courier with an attitude that is not improved by being the human incarnation of Fulla, hand-maiden of the Frigg.

  • Blessed with Suck: Her powers seem to be a compulsion to serve goddesses more powerful than her.
  • Courier
  • Maid: More specifically, a hand-maiden.

Eva Gundersen/Hel

Goddess of the Underworld and daughter of Colin/Loki.

Helen Larvig/Iunn

An incarnate of Iunn (or Idun); Goddess of Youth and keeper of orchards.

  • Foreshadowing: She's called the 'constant goddess' by Olaf in season one and two. For the Norse gods to exist on earth, there must always be an Idunn. So when Helend dies, the spirit of Idunn 'jumps the queue,' as Ingrid put it, and possessed the next goddess in line: Gaia, who would have otherwise become Frygg or Papatuanuku. Olaf also mentions that it always ends badly for her when Idunn meets Braggi. Helen is killed shortly after she meets Anders, and Gaia leaves the country because of the guilt from being attracted to him while still in love with Axl.
  • Killed Off for Real: Is shot in the heart by Natalie after the latter breaks into Anders' apartment.
  • Raised Catholic: Oddly enough.


A hospital nurse in her first year after training, and shes also Axl and Zebs flatmate. She is also the daughter of a Maori Goddess and the Norse God Tyr; Currently the living incarnation of Iunn (or Idun).

  • Meaningful Name: In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess or personification of Earth.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: After returning from Waiheke Island, Gaia's behavior becomes more and more erratic.
  • Take a Third Option: Because her parents were from 2 different pantheons she was either to become Frigg or Papatuanuku but instead became Iunn following Helen's death.


Goddess of Oaths


The Maori God of Fishing.


The Maori God of all things ugly.


The Maori God of food and Gaia's older half-brother.

Martin Larson/ Heimdall

Heimdall is the Norse god of foreknowledge, the one who sees and hears all and can open the door to any realm. He also happens to be the Frygg's older brother.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: As Heimdall, he can use doors to teleport anywhere in the world, as well as send anyone to wherever he wishes. Olaf repeatedly warns Mike about going after Martin, since he could theoretically send Mike into the middle of a war zone if he so chooses.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He does his utmost to keep Mike from finding his sister, since he's not the true Odin.
    • More literally, he can sense when Hanna is in danger. As Michelle found out when he took a hammer to her skull.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: He knows how Mike's powers work, and refuses to fall for Mike's attempts to get him to 'play'.
  • Didnt See That One Coming: ...But he didn't count on Mike bringing Ty into the game.
  • Drop the Hammer: Poor Michelle
  • Killed Off for Real: Martin's role in the Agar calls for him to die so that he can serve as the sentinel on the Bifrost.
  • Power Incontinence: Martin's human brain can't handle the information overload from being Heimdall, and is in therapy.
  • Remember the New Guy: He's been popping up in and out of the show through season three. Most notably, he dropped Axl back at Derrick's hometown to fix his problems, let Gaia into Anders' flat so Idunn and Braggi could consummate their love, and convinced Ty to be honest to Dawn about his powers.

Hanna Larson/Frygg

Wife of Odin. Foremost Norse Goddess. Queen of Asgard. Basically, she is the reason the Johnsons have been questing. She's also the younger sister of Martin/Heimdall.

  • Broken Bird: Her relationship with her father is non-existent at best, she's personally responsible for taking care of her mentally unsound brother, two divorces...
  • Failed a Spot Check: Zeb wonders why none of them could figure out that maybe the Norse goddess of marriage would work in something related to the wedding industry. In this case, a bridal shop.
  • Screw Destiny: Before Martin interrupts her conversation with Michelle, she implies that she's in full agreement with 'taking Frygg out of the equation' since killing Odin (whoever he is) will be disastrous for all of them. She also had the same reaction when her father told her that she had to sit and wait for Odin to come to her, even if he wasn't going to come at all.
    • It's also heavily implied that she knew that Mike wasn't really Odin at all, but kept seeing him because of the actual connection they had, as opposed to the Red String of Fate that bound her to Axl/Odin. Once the fate of the world became at stake due to Jorgammund stirring, she sacrificed her happiness and chose Axl for the good of the world.
  • You Look Familiar: Frygg is played by the same actress who played Fem!Axl in his genderbent episode. When Mike sees her for the first time, he does a Double Take.



Axl and Gaia's flatmate.


Anders' hard working and improperly rewarded Personal Assistant.

Valerie Johnson

Mike's ex-wife.

Coma Rob

Valerie's former fiancee who went into a coma

Natalie Mather





"When I realized I was unlikely to defeat Eggther in a physical context, I used reverse Stockholm syndrome."

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