Awesome / The Almighty Johnsons

  • Mike delivering a well-deserved punch to Anders.
    • Followed up in season three with a slap, this time from Dawn, after Ty tells her everything that's going on.
      Dawn: Don't you ever pull that Bragi shit on me again!
      • The "Wait, what?!" look on Anders' face sells it.
  • Colin finally getting his comeuppance in Season 3, Episode 8. First from Anders, who didn't take kindly into Colin trying to manipulate him to using his powers on Dawn to make her sleep with him. Then from Ty, who shows Colin that he has his god powers back and breaks his arm by freezing it completely. And finally from the eldest Johnson Mike, who manipulates Colin into a bet that he can't beat the Johnson brothers. And since Mike is Ull - the god of games -, there is no chance for Colin to win against him at all. He can't even use his powers on Mike! Cue the physical beatdown.