Trivia / The Almighty Johnsons

  • The Danza: Michelle Langstone, who plays the goddess Michele/Sjöfn.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Keisha Castle-Hughes of Whale Rider fame as Gaia.
    • Timothy Balme of Maddigan's Quest as Mike Johnson/Ullr.
    • Several alumni of Outrageous Fortune make their appearances on this show, most notably Ben Barrington as Olaf Johnson/Baldr, Antonia Prebble as Sonja, the librarian who works at Axl's school, and Siobhan Marshall as a gender bent Axl and Frigg
    • Several Power Rangers alumni also make their appearance, most notably Michelle Langston (SPD's Dr. Kat Manx) as Michele/Sjöfn, and Olivia Tennet (RPM's Dr. K) as Delphine, the daughter of Derrick/Thor. Tennet also played the part of Tuesday Warner on Shortland Street.
    • Dean O'Gorman is becoming recognized more after playing Fíli.
    • New Zealand viewers will recognise Jared Turner (who plays Ty) as "that guy from the Energywise ads".
    • Dean O'Gorman and Rachel Nash had one-shot roles in Legend of the Seeker, so fans may recognize them from that.