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Headscratchers: Predators
  • If the "dogs" are supposed to be from the Predators' home planet, as their physiognomy implies, why don't they have glowstick-fluid for blood?
    • Because in the EU, Predators (Yautja) are implied to be designed, or at least tweaked, to fight Xenomorphs. Their blood has been specially altered to be a close strength as a base to what Xenomorphs have as an acid, so that if a Yautja gets splattered with Xenomorph blood it's not an automatic kill. The same wouldn't necessarily hold true of any other wildlife from their planet.
    • I disagree. It is never implied that the dogs are from their home planet.
  • Also, how did the Predators who collected the humans for their hunting ground know that Edwin was a serial killer?
    • Presumably they had been watching him and the others for a while.
    • The Predators go around the galaxy on space ships, which means they must have some kind of intellectual class or society. You can't judge the entire culture's intellectual capacity by a handful of specimens that you only see hunting. It would be like deciding humans aren't capable of researching other cultures because your only experience with them is redneck hunters. And I really don't see why it has to be that each team gets a plant. Why should they want every hunt to be made up of the same sorts of creatures? Probably Edwin and Stanz were there as a way of mixing things up.
    • I always figured that Edwin being a doctor might have been part of it - giving the team a Medic.
    • They can turn invisible and much of their society is based around stalking prey. It's not hard to see how they could have done extensive recon on potential targets.
    • But this last point assumes that Edwin either has a pile of bodies that he has hid, or that the Preds have a deeper grasp on human psychology than they let on. As proof, the Predators have to be "blooded" (i.e. proven proficient) hunters to be able to hunt the "soft meat." They know we are dangerous prey, so maybe they have made deeper study of us than the movies would suggest. After all, if the point is to hunt dangerous prey, why bother bringing in a human that carries around a "weapon" that would barely penetrate their skin?
      • It honestly doesn't make any sense unless he was a plant. Even as a serial killer the Predators are in this for the challenge more than the danger. There is a reason that in real life people hunt(ed) big cats, bears, wolves and even went whaling to some extent. Nobody ever hunted cobras or puffer fish. So regardless of his kill count he shouldn't have qualified. Though it's hard to know about the Blooded part since that comes from the Av P information and we have no way of knowing how much if any of that is cannon to Predators.
      • It was Edwin who chose not to tell the other guys he was a killer. I figured the predators wanted to go after different types of killers. If they're all the same, it's boring and predictable. It's easy to see that the 'team' has different methods of murder, ranging from head on warrior, to cunning berserker, and the type that slinks around and eventually stabs you in the back.
  • At what point would Noland have been able to "go home?" In the Av P series, a single series of battles against the "hard meat" allows the main character to be considered a blooded warrior. This guy has lasted 10 "seasons" and from the collection of gear, managed to off a few Predators. At what point would they have said "Hey, good job human, now go home?"
    • Probably never, because this isn't the AvP series.
      • Predators may not be Av P but it is explicitly part of the Predator franchise. At the end of Predator 2 I think it's obvious to everybody that Danny Glover was quite dead if the rules of the "game" didn't specifically require letting him live. Either the rules are different when they take you to Predator Planet or Noland was (quite understandably) paranoid and whoever they sent to offer him a ride home ended up quite dead. I can imagine how well "Come out human, I'm gonna take you home now!" would have played out.
      • Different kind of hunts, different rules.
    • Considering the Black Predators (Berserker at least) doesn't seem to be too considerate about honor, they probably just didn't care about it.
      • Definitely. These Predators clearly do not follow the same "rules" as normal Predators. The normal Predators hunt on their own, not in groups. They track their own prey, they do not use hunting dogs and aerial recon drones. They hunt in their prey's territory, rather than abducting them and bringing them to THEIR turf. It's doubtful that these new Predators would let the human go even if he had killed a dozen of them.
      • Given that Noland has lost it, its possible he does not want to go home.
    • Sure, he can't get home and he's pretty sure of it. But it's amazing what people will do for twenty more minutes of precious life. Just because he can't go home doesn't mean he's ready to just drop dead. He was picked for being a warrior and a survivor.
  • Rodriguez wanted people to forget about Av P, but Word of God said Mr. Black was the youngest ever Predator to kill a Xenomorph, and he has a freaking Xeno jaw grafted on his mask. Where is the logic?
    • He probably meant he wanted them to forget the movie AvP, not the whole concept of the franchise.
    • That's unfortunate. I unexpectedly enjoyed the first film.
  • How exactly do Predators kidnap their future prey and without the prey knowing what happens? Especially Stans who was in freaking prison? From the way the guys describe it, sounds like the Predators have access to teleportation.
    • Probably they turn invisible to sneak in, and give them some kind of sedative.
      • Makes sense... but to get to Stans they'd have to bypass many closed doors in a heavily guarded place specifically designed to keep people in. Even with invisibility, the prison must have had some very reckless guards who didn't notice the doors in the death row suddenly opening for no reason. Maybe the Predators just slaughtered everything in their way... but Stans would likely be waked up by it.
    • Maybe the guys were memory erased.
    • Given that the end of the movie reveals that Edwin was some kind of plant, Predator 2 tells us that Predators have at least some understanding of English and while AVP is of questionable cannon to Predators that series suggests the Predators were worshiped as gods. Putting all that together it doesn't sound impossible that the Predators may still have agents/worshipers on Earth. They might be exceedingly rare but real life still has people who worship the Olympians so why can't there be some cult that waits for some Predator specific phenomenon go out report to their Gods/Bosses and deliver up people they want?
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