Funny / Predators

  • Stans is... pretty far from heroic, but he is the source of most of the funniest moments in the film.
    • After being startled by a flying bird... thing, everyone pulls out their guns...except Stans:
    *Pulls out a shiv, looks at the others* "You know what? This is bullshit! I want a fucking gun! *turns to Cuchillo* C'mon man, gimme a gun! You've got two fucking guns! *turns to Nikolai* C'mon Russian, you've got a big fucking gun!
    • Later:
    "When I get back... I am gonna do so much fucking cocaine."
    • Edwin's nonchalant agreement with what Stans says next only makes it funnier.
    • Edwin points out a tattoo of a naked woman on Stans:
    Edwin: "Is that your girlfriend?"
    Stans: "No. My sister."
    • Stan's wonderfully creative battle cry as he's knifing a Predator.
    Stans: "Die, you space faggot!"
  • Edwin gets the best line in the whole movie. After being used as bait to try and lure one of the Predators into a trap (i.e., letting him be chased through the forest), he stops, catches his breath, and bellows:
    Edwin: FUCK! ALL OF YOU!
  • Noland and when he's talking to himself, especially when he tries to kill the others.
    Noland: [to his imaginary friend] "You see the shit you've gotten us into, man? I told you that. You never listen to me, though. Six more. Six more fucking mouths to feed. I can barely stand living with you."
    Noland: [shouting] "How am I gonna live with them, too?!"
  • Edwin when he's begging to not be left behind.
    "I have kids!" *Pulls out the photo of Nikolai's kids.*