Fridge / Predators

Fridge Brilliance
  • The presence of the Black Predators. We know that the Predators are divided into Clans who are united by shared rules of combat, with the Classic ones who have been thus far depicted in the movies and Expanded Universe. So what happens to those who reject that philosophy? Is it possible that the Black Predators are the Stans and Edwins of their culture, who were sent to the planet as game, but managed to overpower the Classic ones sent to hunt them?
    • Or the other way around. The Black Predators have enough resources on hand (the "dogs", the flying drone) to suggest it's their hunting ground; the Classics might've arrived to disrupt their hunt, only the Black clan got the jump on them, tied one up as bait, and wiped out its companions one by one as they tried to rescue the prisoner.
  • Hanzo doesn't talk much, and explains it's because he 'Talked too much'. He shows cut fingers. More than one - which partially shows how valuble he must be to the Yakuza, to be allowed to live twice. But smarter than that, by pretending that he doesn't understand English, he gets to listen in on everything the other characters are saying, whether it's about him or about plans, and they don't worry about him hearing it. He only speaks when he's sure he can trust them.
  • When the Predators' hell-hounds almost kill Isabelle, Edwin cries out in horror and anguish that she's going to be killed. Given how later in the film, Edwin turns against the heroes and tries to murder Isabelle, Edwin being upset about Isabelle wasn't because he was falling in love with her or growing attached to her... but because he planned on killing Isabelle sadistically himself and was, in reality, upset that he was in real danger of losing his potential victim.
    • True serial killers typically have a preferred victim type, and may have just been "good luck" that Isabelle fit Edwin's. He's not only worried about losing a potential victim, he's worried about losing the only victim that would truly satisfy his "urge" on this alien planet.
    • It's not just that she's about to be killed by the dogs, it's that she's about to shoot herself to avoid being killed by the dogs that he's horror-struck by. Quite possibly because early in his serial-killing career, a woman he'd been planning to vivisect managed to kill herself, denying him his fun and leading him to adopt his M.O. of paralyzing his victims, first.