Headscratchers: Mass Effect

Headscratchers for Mass Effect.

General Headscratchers:

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  • The Romance Options in general for Male and Female Shepard have a common pattern. Both Shepards can romance the Virmire Survivor and Liara in the First Game. In Mass Effect 2 they can have a relationship with a Dextro DNA alien, romancing the Cerberus Operative and romancing a notorious criminal. However, It seems that Male Shepard is always the lucky one to get the smooth skinned females while Female Shepard has to settle for scaly aliens who have a penchant for sniper rifles.
    • Hey, you forgot Jacob with that last bit... Just like everyone else. Except Kasumi.
    • Well, she only wants him for his body.
    • And apparently, Male Shepard only likes pure blooded human/asari/quarians which define perfection of their genes.
    • Exactly how are Ashley or Tali "pureblooded" or "genetically perfect", again? Only Liara and Miranda are described in those terms, and in Liara's case it's an insult, not a praise.
    • Liara is also not "pureblood" either. She's quarter-krogan.
    • Liara is not actually smooth-skinned. Asari have scaled skin. its very fine and difficult to notice without the very high-res textures in Mass Effect 3, but their skin has a similiar consistency as drell skin.

    Shepherd and AI's 
  • Shepard's Shut Up, Hannibal! to Sovereign: "You're not even alive. Not really. You're just a machine, and machines can be broken," comes off slightly worse when viewed in light of Legion and EDI.
    • And as of ME3, there's new light in knowing that each individual reaper is the entirety of an advanced (organic) civilization, preserved in Reaper form. "Just a machine", eh?
    • It sort of makes sense if you consider that Shepard's interactions with AI in the first game were largely negative. The heretic geth were essentially at war with the Alliance (at were thought to represent all geth instead of a small minority), the AI on the Citadel (which tried to blow itself up, killing Shepard and ďas many organics as I canĒ), the rogue AI on Luna and now Sovereign, a literal Omnicidal Maniac. Itís not unreasonable to assume that Shepard though all AI were Always Chaotic Evil. But interactions with EDI, Legion and the true geth over the next two games probably changed his/her opinions.
    • Even in ME1, Shepard can argue with Tali that the geth were living beings with a right to life, and that the quarians were in the wrong.

    The Omniblade 
  • The Omniblade actually isn't a new development for Mass Effect 3. After all, look at Kasumi whenever she uses Shadow Strike. She's striking at enemies with her omnitool! So those things can be pretty nasty weapons as early as Mass Effect 2.
    • According to the Codex the tech is almost as old as Omnitools and a standard app, but until the Reaper invasion and the necessity of fighting Husks in close combat everyone thought it was an idiot's weapon. Except Kasumi apparently.
    • Specifically, the codex explains that the use of omni-tools as a weapon is almost as old as omnitools themselves. The omni-blade, specifically, was developed explicitly in preparation for the reaper invasion as a good hand to hand weapon against husks. This is somewhat demonstrated by how in multiplayer, Batarians (who've isolated themselves for a while), developed a different weapon; the omni-gauntlet.
    • Not to mention that in the Shadow Broker DLC, the Broker busts out an omni-shield.

    Elcor Hands 

  • Exactly what do the Elcor use for hands?
    • Their hands are used for hands. The elcor forearms have long fingers that they use to manipulate tools.

  • Why does the game measure planetary info relative to Earth? For instance Cyone has a gravity of 0.95 of Earth's. Gravity is measured in Newtons with Earth's as 9.8.
    • Earth is what we're familiar with, so it's the baseline we use to judge other planets. We do the exact same thing in real life. For example, distance between a planet and its sun is measured in Astronomical Units (AUs). One Astronomical Unit is the average distance between Earth and Sol.
    • Hiroshima as a Unit of Measure.
    • Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realize that you're reading the human version of the Codex. Reading the Turian or Asari translations probably would have different measurements.


  • Something that occurred to me last night. Why does anyone care about death anymore? Cerberus managed to resurrect a corpse, and depending on your choices, the leader of that little project is still out there. So if Shepard dies in the destroy ending, you bring him back again. Mordin sacrifices himself? Dig the body out and jump start it. Wrex, Eve, the Virmire survivor, Tali. Anyone who dies could conceivably be revived as long as they have some semblance of a body. Sure, it cost 2 billion credits at the time, but that could be attributed to a terror group running R&D testing. They've got the formula down, and could conceivably adapt it to any species.
    • A valid point, but during Mass Effect 3, a little problem called the Reapers that everyone is worried about, so not a whole lot of focus on a then-experimental procedure that MIGHT work. Of course, with the Reaper threat over at the end of Mass Effect 3, that could probably be researched.
    • Actually, it cost way more than two billion credits, and more than two billion credits is a lot of money. Shepard him/herself essentially says that "you could have trained an army for what you spent on me." No one's going to have the money to spend on resurrecting a single person because its bloody expensive as fuck and they've got to rebuild all of civilization.
    • The cloning facility also gets attacked in the opening to 2, and with the casualties among the staff coupled with the loss in data it might be set back even further.

    Asari technological superiority 

  • Is it just me or is the supposed technological and scientific superiority of the asari nothing but Informed Ability? What are exactly the asari's technological contributions to the Citadel Space anyway? The quarians created the geth, an entire race of AIs (though the lack of AIs is due to the restrictions on AI research imposed by the Council, and it wouldn't a big surprise to me if it were the asari who came up with these restrictions too). The humans created medi-gel and managed to "resurrect" a person who would otherwise be considered dead. The salarians created the genophage, the modified genophage, and the cure to it. Meanwhile, the asari can't even cure a genetic disorder like the Ardat-Yakshi. In fact, it seems that the whole Ardat-Yakshi story exists for no other reason than the Rule of Drama - despite what Samara says, it won't take "magic" to cure the disorder. The Codex specifically states in ME1 that the humans have already managed to cure most of their most dangerous genetic disorders through screening and gene therapy - why won't the asari do the same thing? Samara says the AY disorder only becomes incurable after the symptoms manifest during adolescence, so there is plenty of time to diagnose it before that. The natural biotic abilities of the asari are no achievement of theirs - as far as I can remember, anything born on Thessia has biotic abilities due to eezo permeating everything on the planet. Their "telepathic" reproduction is probably due to Prothean influence. So, once again, what exactly did the asari achieve?
    • They pretty much built the Citadel society and economy from the ground up. They're the foremost experts on biotics and mass effect technology in general. They've got the largest economy and population in the galaxy. While the examples you mentioned of other species' technologies are notable, those are for the most part just singular examples of those technologies. The fact that the asari maintain an unquestionably superior economy and political presence int he first place indicates that while other species have their achievements, the asari have a general technological, cultural, political, and economic advantage over everyone else in the majority of typical technologies. The fact that they haven't cured the Ardat-Yakshi genetic issue is not an indicator of lacking genetic capability. Humans haven't been able to cure Vrolik's Syndrome, Garrus' mother does suffer from an unspecified disease that hasn't been treated yet, the drell have not been cured of Kepral's Syndrome, no one's found a way to improve vorcha lifespans, etc. There are plenty of examples of diseases that have not yet been cured in the setting, so a particular genetic disorder remaining untreated is not inconsistent with the medical technology of the setting.
    • Re the AY cure; Samara also mentions that it isn't possible to diagnose an Ardat-Yakshi before puberty, at which point it's too late to do anything about. It's not that the Asari haven't tried.

     Rarity of Garrus's markings. 
  • In ME 3 we find out Garrus was born on Palaven, so we can assume his markings are Palaven markings. But if that's the case, why don't we see a single other turian with the same markings?
    • Because there's trillions of turians and we run into at most several hundred unique turians over the course of the series? Also, just because a turian is wearing facial markings it doesn't mean that they're the markings of their planet. Also, the markings are generally used by turians who were descended from colonists, not the homeworld. There's no reason to assume that Garrus' markings are Palaven-specific.

    Geth Ships 
  • Why would the Geth design their ships to look like giant bugs? That demonstrates a concern for aesthetics that seems unusual in a species that considers windows to be an unacceptable structural weakness.
    • Geth do have what looks like some kind of aesthetic preference for those sorts of shapes. There's no apparent reason for them to continue using platforms that resemble quarian body structures, but they insist on doing so.

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