Headscratchers: ITS MY LIFE!

  • Caroline was injected with special powers and passed them onto Marrissa, meaning Marrissa was born with them. Yet, when evil Teen Fortress 2 makes a clone of Marrissa, Assirram doesn't have them?
    • Because the needle of special powers alters the bloodstream, not the DNA, and bloodstream is something that passes through generations.
  • J and K go back in time to recruit Teen Fortress 2 in THE MARRISSA GAMES, but they're already in "the past" and and they end up going point in time set after TEEN FORTRESS 2. Its a pretty huge Timey-Wimey Ball.
    • Not a question, but for explanation, I don't think J and K actually travelled in time when Abraham Lincoln told them to get Teen Fortress 2, since we know he was the president when they graduated from Portal High School.
  • How precisely did the wave that brought all the good guys back to life work at the end of THE MARRISSA GAMES, despite Marissa ordinarily not being able to resurrect people, even with her Mary Sue powers?
    • Wheatly/Harry's Marty Stu powers, of course.
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