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Headscratchers: Cybersix
  • Why does Von Reichter keep sending the Fixed Ideas and all his creations at Cybersix, since that's how she receives the Sustenance she needs to live? If he stopped for a while, she'd starve and he'd win by default. He doesn't want her alive... does he?
    • He has other purposes, she's a thorn in his side but not his primary motivation.
    • While killing her does seem to be one of his goals, he does seem to be equally happy with her rejoining him (he offers her this in the final episode). Plus, if his mutant creatures succeeded in their missions and killed/captured her, she wouldn't get the Sustenance anyway.
    • In relation to the above, it might also be a way of keeping tabs on her. As long as Von Reichter has a vague idea of Cybersix's routine patrols, the less chance she'll turn up and surprise Jose during one of his important money-making schemes. Of course, it'd be better if he managed to kill her, but presumably that's why we often see random groups of Fixed Ideas wandering the city.
    • And Lucas may be trying to replicate Sustenance (although Von Reichter doesn't seem aware of this). If anyone has a shot at pulling this off it's him.
    • The comics have her getting Sustenance from Technos on the streets, just totally differently than in the show. She approaches the Techno (who doesn't realize she's a Cyber), punches them in the heart, bites their neck and drinks their Sustenance. Aside from the creations turning into glowing vials when killed, it's implied she does just that on the show when von Reichter isn't sending Fixed Ideas after her.
  • Why don't they just release the full version of the song? It seems like a waste of money to make a full theme and then never release it in any way.
    • Apparently it's due to licensing issues of some sort. But I think they should at last try to work through them and release it to the general public. If the opening theme is any correlation, music that good shouldn't just be kept locked away someplace.
    • Sad to say this, but with it being the theme of a 1-season 1990's cartoon series with only a small cult following, there probably just isn't enough interest out there for the rights holders to go through the hassle and expense of doing so and expect to make money doing it. I would doubt that the question has ever even been raised to the people in position to make such a decision. Here's hoping though!
    • Considering the series is finally seeing DVD release in 2014, at least some of the issues seem to have been resolved. If they do manage to get the opening theme issue straightened out, releasing the full theme as a bonus feature with that would be the perfect way to distribute it.
  • So... what exactly ARE the Cybers? The way they're referred too seems to alternate between genetically-engineered but organic superhumans and extremely lifelike androids, and evidence in both prevalent adaptations (don't know much about the live-action version but I doubt it lasted long enough to address this) seems inconclusive.
    • Cyborgs That's what I am thinking. Man and machine.
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