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Headscratchers: Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • In Joker: The Vile and the Villainous did The Joker seriously destroy future Earth?
  • Just what era is Kamandi from? How does his ravaged world fit with the rest of the DC timeline? (i.e. the Legion of Super-Heroes and Booster Gold)
    • Pre Crisis, Earth had *many* possible futures; Kamandi's was just one of them. Which was the 'real' one was never decided. Presumably that also applies here, or Batman would be more concerned about humanity's fate in the future.
    • In the Legend of Super-Heroes comics they mentioned that their historic records were destroyed and scattered in the third millenim, so they really didnít know if the Great Disaster did occur (or not) in his own continuity.
  • In "Menace of the Madnicks," (spoilers ahead) Booster Gold creates an alternate timeline when he messes with the past. He goes into this dystopian future, meets up with the Batman of this time-line, and then they both go back into the past and fix the timeline. Then, at the end, they go back into the fixed future. But shouldn't there be two Batmen now, the one from the dystopian future who went through time with Gold and the one who has gone through time normally?
    • Nuh uh. As seen in "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo", repairing the original timeline causes the person from the second future to cease to exist. So we're back to just the one Batman.
      • No, the original poster has a point. There's no reason why the Batman from the fixed future would suddenly dissapear. Knowing this series, having two Batmen around probably wouldn't be all that unusual.
      • Time bastard effect. When someone time travels they are the only version of themselves to exist. The ones who exist in the timeline after you changed time disappears at the exact month day and second you originally went into the past, so as to stop multiples from occuring. When you first use it you are immune to this.
      • Yep, Back to the Future rules would apply in this situation.
  • In "Day Of The Dark Knight!" the prophecy clear speaks of *a* chosen one who will be able to pull out Excalibur (besides King Arthur); this turns out to be... two people? (Batman AND Green Arrow, pulling together.) The Aesop intended is obvious, but doesn't explain why two heroes were required in the first place.
    • Maybe whoever wrote the prophecy has an erratic ability. Or the prophecy is actually just nonsense and it was a coincidence.
    • Hard to swallow that Merlin of all people would not get a prophecy right.
    • And we assume the prophecy is correct in the first place because...
    • "A" chosen one kinda makes sense if it was only the combination of the two of them that would work. Saying "two chosen ones" could be taken to mean there were two equally interchangable people, and either one would work. "A chosen one" might be referring to the two of them as a duo: it's the duo itself that's been chosen. Of course, you'd think the prophecy would simply say "a chosen pair of heroes", but I guess Merlin's not one to let a perfectly good Prophecy Twist go to waste...
      • Agreed. The "one" referred to a team of two people. One team.
    • Alternatively: Only one of them could pull it out, but Merlin didn't go over the entire prophecy—just the part he thought was relevant. And another part alluded to the fact that there would be a partner, but it looked like sidekick rather than partner, and they were both already there...
  • Why was it never explained how or why Batman was in the Old West in "Return of the Fearsome Fangs!" ?
    • How does this qualify as a "logic hole"? It's more "We haven't been told the full story yet." Keep in mind, most the characters seen in the cold opening have turned up again in greatly expanded stories later. There's a chance we'll see Batman's complete Old Western adventures later.
    • The same way he was in the future with Kamandi? Time Travel, ho!
      • The Kamandi segment had both the means (time warp) and a reason (obtaining a cure for a virus). The Western segment had neither.
      • Fine, then answer this: What was the Royal Flush Gang doing in the Old West. Batman could have just followed them!
      • I thought so as well, except no indication that they were not just natives of the time was given. (Remember, the show does not always use the versions from the comics.)
    • He does say he has experience with time travel to Jonah Hex in "Duel of the Double Crossers" and he is friends with Booster Gold...
  • "In Mystery in Space!" the heroes use the teleportational "Zeta beam" to bring Earth's Moon to the planet Rann to cause an eclipse that would stop the invader's ship (basically a giant flying magnifying lens). Wouldn't it have been easier to just teleport the Gordanian ship to the dark side of the planet? Made worse by the specification that mistransporting the Moon would have been catastrophic.
    • The Zetabeams, being beams like light, may only transport in straight lines, from Planetside to Planetside. Bending a beam around a planet would take too much effort and wouldn't be able to be done quickly enough before the Giant Flying Magnifying Lens from destroying the city. Also, isn't this the greatest series ever to allow that sentence to sort of make sense in context?!
  • Why does Batman call Sherlock Holmes "the greatest detective" in " Trials of the Demon!" when all he did was get himself soul-sucked (because he wanted to catch Gentleman Ghost before Batman, too)? Seriously, he was more hindrance than help.
    • Holmes' other stories have shown him to be quite capable, never mind this episode. Batman just has more experience with the undead and demons.
      • We could also assume Batman was being ironic but Holmes didn't get it.
      • Or he could have just been nice. And Holmes is the most famous detective ever.
      • Considering how Bats has not held back the snark in this series, the fact it may have been a Take That! is certainly possible. Plus in the original versions (which this episode might be using) Holmes WAS a dick.
      • I thought it was a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming myself. Batman let the guy know that he's going to endure forever as a memory, and even conceded the title of "world's greatest detective" to him. Anyway, there's no way Holmes could have known that "granite" was an anagram of Etrigan, since he didn't know about the demon, or etc.
    • ...maybe because if Sherlock had been familiar with the time and place Batman came from he would have pinpointed Bats' secret identity in the time it took him to do his Sherlock Scan?
      • That's possible, but until we get a Sherlock Holmes story set in the present (which is possible in this series) we won't know for sure.
      • If he'd read out the description he did get from that Sherlock Scan to anyone in modern-day Gotham, they'd have probably said "Oh, you mean Bruce Wayne!" It's a pretty good bet.
    • Well, let's list the things Holmes did in the episode alone: A) Deduced that Jason Blood was not the killer (because he was left handed) and that he must be trying to solve the case, B) Deduced pretty much everything there is to know about Batman using a Sherlock Scan and, C) Discovered the secret hideout of the villain because of the composition of the dirt left by the carriage the villain was riding in. He may not be great at fighting demons, but that's a good amount of detective work for one episode.
    • Also, the Holmes and Watson that appear in this episode differ for the original versions through the same Adaptation Decay Flanderization they have showed in countless adaptations: In the original stories Holmes was more than willing to work with someone smart (given his usual situation was Police Are Useless) and Watson was not an useless pushover. Maybe they are based in their comics adaptation: Sherlock Holmes did appear in the Batman Comics.
  • In "Night of the Huntress!" Solomon Grundy wants a new brain. Wouldn't that just replace his personality with another person's? You'd expect such thinking from Grundy, who is an idiot, but not his hirelings.
    • He was resurrected by magic or something in Slaughter Swamp. Maybe the magic transfers all the stuff from his damaged brain into the new one?
      • Aren't you forgetting that Solomon Grundy is a complete idiot, and only he would think putting a new brain in his head would work?
      • Actually, no, we didn't forget it, we mentioned it *just above*. It's the fact his human assistants seemed to believe it.
      • It is possible that they know it won't work, but go along anyway because either A, he'll crush them if they don't help, or B, they don't exactly enjow working for a moron and are trying to get him to kill himself.
  • Also from "Night of the Huntress!" it turns out that the Batmobile can turn into a giant robot. Wouldn't that have been useful several times before (especially when fighting Black Manta's mecha?)
    • Batman thinks a bike/gyrocopter is of better use against Tripods than his Bat-Mecha. Frankly, he has years of experience fighting evil, and knows his stuff better than you do. That, or Rule of Cool.
      • Or the writers simply didn't think of it at the time? Let's now see if the Bat-bot makes another appearance or is forgotten like the spirit travel thing.
      • Maybe he hadn't invented it yet? Batman has a long history of trying out, discarding, or perfecting new gadgets and vehicles. For almost the entire 7 decades the character has existed.
      • It wasn't forgotten. It's been used again at least for the death race episode.
    • He has several different Batmobiles which all do different stuff?
  • "Night of the Huntress"...takes place entirely during the day. Except for the teaser, which seems to be at sundown, but it doesn't have the Huntress in it. Also, on an unrelated note, why was Warehouse X treated like a shocking discovery? The place looks like an "X." How hard was that to find? (Though for the record, the episode was still pretty good in This Troper's opinion.)
  • Why is it called Night of the Huntress when it takes place in the daytime?
    • It's probably just a play on the title of the movie "Night of the Hunter." And Batman's roles as "The Dark Knight." Several other episode titles are also shoutouts.
  • Why was Katana with the Outsiders? Metamorpho has to live in the sewers because he's a freak, okay. Black Lightning was ostracized because of his lightning powers, kinda makes sense even though he's apparently in full control of them. But Katana's a Badass Normal with a really sharp katana, why does she has to live in the sewers? Maybe the Slug saved her from Pedobear?
    • In the comics, Katana only joined The Outsiders as a debt of honor to Batman (he saved her life.) Maybe something similar happened with to her and her buddies in the show.
    • It's almost certainly the thing where she doesn't talk and carries around a big sword. It's the sort of thing that causes people to shun you.
    • It seems to be a sort of penance for her because in one episode it's revealed she believes herself responsible for her sensei's death.
  • Why didn't the villainous versions of the heroes just kill the heroic versions of the villains rather than locking them up?
    • For torture later? To keep them alive, horrified at their failure to stop the Crime Syndicate? Maybe they were going to set up death-traps later on, as everyone knows a silver age villain loves a good death-trap.
    • Well, wild guess but it might have been as bait for Red Hood. They figure that he'll make attempts to free a teammate, maybe even succeed once or twice, but it means that they have decent odds of capturing him too. That and if they kill his allies they risk him going Knight Templar.
    • Also possible that they figure they can get some useful information, Sinestro's lantern ring or something similar could give them tools and techniques they didn't normally have.
    • Or, much like the JLU Justice Lords, they think of themselves as heroes, or at least as sort of good bad guys (see Even Evil has Standards).
      • I doubt that very much, judging from Scarlet Scarab's Ax-Crazy/For the Evulz tendencies—keeping a heart in a jar and gushing over destroying Earth-1 are impossible to construe as heroic.
  • Jonah Hex has to make an important decision—let the prisoners go and let them defeat Mongul and Mongal, or use the portal to return to his own time. He eventually chooses to let Batman destroy the system, allowing the prisoners to run Mongul and Mongal out. Then, he does absolutely nothing else. Why not simply go back to his own time, and then have Batman destroy the system? Only answer I can seem to think up is that he wanted a little time with Lashina...
    • I'm mostly bothered by how Mongul apparently thought it was a good idea to put his time travel portal and his prisoners in the same room and then hook them up to a single system which would release all the prisoners when destroyed. Even ignoring Genre Blindness, that's still a very poor engineering choice.
  • Wait, how did Music Meister's song affect an astronaut? He's in space.
    • Rule of Cool, my friend, Rule of Cool. Besides, there was, in all likely hood, a radio inside the Astronaut's helmet, so he could been affected either by a physics screw up, or just a radio transmission, of course, this is a musical episode.
    • A better question is how the hypnotized people knew what to sing and dance.
      • That wouldn't be covered by mind control? They wouldn't necessarily have to know how consciously, as long as they're physically able to.
      • If it were telepathic mind control, yes, but it wasn't.
      • There was some other way he was giving them commands, because his songs almost never included an explicit order to do anything specific but his victims always acted in perfect concert. It was either telepathic or something inaudible embedded in the music.
      • I just wish they'd explicitly pointed out what.
      • I think that sort of thing is allowed a certain amount of subtlety; going into the mechanics of how exactly the Music Meister's powers work would kind of take away from the flow of the musical.
      • No one is asking for a physics lesson; a simple "his singing includes ultrasonic instructions" would've sufficed. They've done similar things in the past.
      • After having rewatched it, Batman does theorize something to this effect in the very beginning.
    • Also, why did Meister allow the (not under his control) Batman to sing with Black Canary when he had already been hit by her Canary Cry when she sang too loud? You'd think he would have seen that coming.
      • He probably didn't expect Bats to be able to sing as high as he did. As Bats himself notes, his voice is a low one, baritone range. He simply didn't anticipate the Bat-Voice-Modulator. That, and, until Bats snagged the Meister's mike, that plan didn't make much sense; it looked like Bats was going to get himself flattened by the Canary Cry; up until he grappled the microphone at the last second.
    • Speaking of her Canary Cry, why did he put Black Canary in the Death-Trap instead of hypnotizing her again? A hypnotized henchman with a sonic scream attack would be the perfect minion for a puppetmaster who can make his subjects sing.
      • True, a hypnotized henchman with a piercing sonic scream, would surely complement the man who makes his puppets sing! (Sorry.) Well, Green Arrow demonstrates in a very subtle manner that true love (or something similar) can just about snap one out of the Meister's control. Canary herself claims the Music Meister doesn't make her swoon; it's possible he figured she could never truly stay loyal to him, and had her killed. However, he changed his mind only when he saw she and Batman fighting together, deciding she would have regained her usefulness.
  • A very, very minor thing, also from the Music Meister episode: The Music Meister has a gap between his front teeth, and we see in the mini-flashback in the first song that that was true when he was a child...but then when we see him aging to his current form, the very next stage shown gives him braces. Somehow the gap is still there. Don't braces usually fix that sort of thing?
    • According to my braces-wearing brother, they also hurt. The Music Meister probably got fed up with wearing them and sang to his orthodontist to get them removed prematurely.
    • It's possible that he just has one black tooth, or that it's actually a missing tooth. Either way it makes his teeth look like piano keys so I imagine he kept it for the image.
    • Not to mention that your teeth can easily revert if you don't wear the retainer for a long time after the braces are off. With the fact that retainers tend to mess up speech, let alone music, it's not to hard to assume he got the braces, they fixed it, then he just ignored the retainer and his teeth settled back into their old pattern with a gap.
  • Were those kids that recoiled in horror at Tornado Champion the same kids from the Christmas episode?
    • With that Santa sequence, I wouldn't blame them.
  • In "Dawn of the Deadman", there's a moment that left my jaw dropped even with the Lighter and Softer tone. Green Arrow and Speedy are digging up Batman's inert body. Then he seems to regain consciousness, only for him to reveal he's actually someone else (Deadman) possessing Batman. He then asks for weapons, and Green Arrow smirks in agreement as the scene cuts away. Whoa, whoa, whoa! From GA's point of view, did the mysterious entity possessing Batman even identify himself? Would he know who or what "Deadman" is, even if he had? And how did he instantly know that the bodiless mind speaking through Batman is a fellow good guy, rather than, say, Gentleman Ghost? I know they had a story to get through and didn't want to bog it down with "who are you, are you a good guy, prove it" questions, but if Green Arrow's giving explosives to every random body-possessing entity who comes along, I'm scared for Gotham...
    • Deadman had possessed GA earlier in the episode so he'd probably be able to recognize his speech patterns and general attitude.
  • In "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure", how did Aquaman have enough time to drive through several states to reach Batman before the Death Trap killed Bats? Was the Death Trap just that slow?
    • It's possible that Batman made several attempts to stall, slow, reverse, or escape the conveyor. We've seen from Wildcat that you can taunt your way out of a deathtrap- Batman may have just escaped and got recaptured again between scenes. Another way to look at it is that Penguin realized Aquaman was on his way and used Bats as live bait to lure Aquaman into ambush position. Also, we have no idea what scale the map is.
  • Anyone else a little disturbed by how casually Batman killed the Gas Gang?
    • Is it possible they don't count because they're sorta-kinda already dead? What's Batman's record on zombies like Solomon Grundy, or ghosts like Gentleman Ghost?
    • How does one kill that which has no life?
    • Also, The Gas Gang power now is that they are capable of dissolving anything. The things they could do when they hit habitated land could be horrifying.
  • Why did the Gas Gang kidnap the doc in the first place? They could have easily guilted him into building the bodies openly, and Batman would have had no reason to look into their files to find out they were evil.
  • In the intro sequence, what is up with Batman's way of running?
  • In the Riddler's Quiz Show segment, how come Booster Gold (who wears a costume that gives him Super Strength) failed to punch out even one of Riddler's goons (who are not superhuman as far as we know) but normal-human strength Batman could? (And yes, I know it was a joke on poor Booster's competency, but did they have to make him so COMPLETELY useless?)
    • Also, Booster got that last riddle right! Is the Riddler just that eager to kill Batman?
      • Ummmm...yes?
      • The Riddler has a compulsion that forces him to tell riddles. He has no such compulsion for keeping promises.
    • Does his suit give him superstrength in this incarnation? It seems like he just has the lasers, the forcefields and the flying.
  • How did Huntress survive falling off the cliff, let alone get into the Batmobile in "Death Race"?
    • She's in the Batman Family, what did you expect?
  • In "The Super Batman from Planet X!":
    • In the original story this is based on, the alien Batman *intentionally* copied Earth's. Here, he just happened to come up with the same name, costume, and modus operandi by coincidence!?
      • "In an infinite universe, it's totally logical."
      • No it's not. See the Logical Fallacies article for details.
      • Ah, right, if the episode's tone and dialog didn't get the point across I don't know why I thought a pot hole would improve the matter.
      • The episode was OK, it was Batman's offhand remark that annoys me. And yes I know it was a handwave, but the average viewer might not realize why- thus the link above.
    • Also, why did they have to bring Green Arrow down so quickly rather than, you know, talk to him first? He isn't THAT incompetent you know!
      • Because Batman was being grumpy about having lost HIS powers and hes competitive with Green Arrow besides.
    • And finally, how come Tlano gets his own Alfred but the real one doesn't? WHEN are we going to find out what happened to him?
      • In the Christmas episode, Alfred put the toy in the Batmobile, so he's around. We just never see him. :( He'll probably show up in the Joe Chill episode, though.
      • We finally see Alfred in "Chill of the Night"- at least when Bruce was a boy. We still haven't seen him in the present though.
      • Alfred's gotten a proper, present day appearance in "Knights of Tommorow!" Apparently, he likes writing Real Person Fics about Batman.
  • In "Chill of the Night":
    • Why did Batman need Zatanna's help, if all he needed to do was disarm Kadabra (which he did?)
      • While he could take down Kadabra, he'd be hard pressed if Kadabra turned him into a frog or something and no one was there to help him then. Not that Batfrog wouldn't be cool...
  • In "The Power of Shazam":
    • Why didn't Shazam turn Black Adam back to normal like Sivana did with his powers? Or just turn himself back to Champion form (like Sivana also did) to battle him?
      • Shazam didn't want to kill anyone?
    • In this age of DNA testing, why bother with the "two halves of a trinket" evidence of relationship cliche for Billy and Mary? I'm surprised Ms. Minerva didn't scoff.
      • Batman probably had done DNA testing. This was just the way to deliver it to the kids. It was better to give them a direct connection to each other than the at-one-remove that someone telling them the results would have been.
    • Speaking of the reunion... Noone finds odd that Batman the World's Greatest Detective and famous superhero is so interested in the case of this one non-remarkable orphan? Doesn't it rise suspicions?
      • Maybe in other iterations of the Batman mythos. This version of Batman seems to act pretty randomly. Why would he travel all the way back in time just to catch an old west version of the Royal Flush gang?
  • In "Long arm of the law!" Batman got hit with the ray that gave plasticity powers, but never got hit with the reversing ray before the device was destroyed. So does this mean BntB Batman now officially has powers (which he'll never use thanks to Status Quo Is God / personal style)? Because honestly, these powers are up there with the astral projection bit in terms of usefulness. Batman + Plastic Man powers means he can take on Superman level foes.
    • They wear off? Really since the show portrayed the only alternative as being turned to stone I don't see any way they could have written themselves out of that one.
    • In the same episode, Kite-Man has Rubberneck, with the same powers as Plas, working for him. Why didn't he copy the powers from Rubberhead instead of going all the way of kidnapping Plas?
  • How can Batman use a Taser while underwater?
    • It runs on phlebotinum. Seriously, though, you can get a similar effect with some casing and a pinchy thing.
(Warning: spoilers ahead)
  • "The Mask of Matches Malone" was a fun episode with a great premise and a lot of fanservice. However, it also has some HUGE plotholes:
    • Why did Batman bring the girls along? The only one he needed was Catwoman (since she knew where Two-Face was) and even that he could have gained out of her in exchange for letting her go. There isn't a thing any of them could do that he can't (except Canary's sonic attack, and he may have a device for that too!)
      • Batman do a lot team-ups without any reason in this series. Besides he still didnt figure out what to do with Catwoman.
    • Batman gets a VERY selective amnesia just from being hit over the head?
      • Thats how amnesias in cartoons works. Batman propably has some actor training, he was focused on it and thing just happened.
    • Let's see, one of the most competent heroes in the world turns bad. Do the heroines a) try to get help from other heroes to catch or cure him, or b) try to rescue him by themselves, without even any idea of how to snap him out of it?
      • Heroes are really bold. If they can do something themselves, they do it. I'm sure Batman would do the same thing.
    • Two-Face didn't make a single coin-based choice, or even switch to his good side once. Really, he could have been any other thug character.
      • Yes, they could. And they choose Two-Face. Two-face isnt only a madman, but also a criminal. Throwing a coin isn't a only thing he does.
      • No, but it's what makes him UNIQUE. It's like having The Riddler as the villain and not have him do any riddle-based crimes- oh wait...
    • How did the three girls know what to sing when their whole act was improvised on the spot?
      • Rule of Cool
      • They had not improvised on the spot: Huntress, being a member of the Bat Family, decided to be Crazy-Prepared and roped the others into making that act, but hadn't yet figured what to sing aside for the chorus. Then Catwoman decided to do it because they had nothing to lose and started mocking the sexual prowess of the various superheroes, and Huntress and Black Canary went along with it because it was fun.
    • The bouncing crossbow bolt thing. Even for a cartoon (except really silly ones, which this series isn't) that was WAAAY too farfetched.
    • And the biggest one: how did Catwoman know that LETTING "MALONE" DIE was the only way to restore Batman??? (of course, that might not have been her intention, Batman just assumed it was. Still, that was a BIG asspull.)
      • She's cat-obsessed enough to know that.
  • Teaser to "Emperor Joker" have 3 problems. a)Batman keep changing outfits because Firefly's weapons doesnt work on things with the same color. How did he know which one to wear? b)Its clear that Firefly could make different colored beams. Sure, its revealed that Batman also have multi-colored suit, but why he didnt he use multi-colored one in the first place? And why did he make so many of them? c) Why did Firefly put effort to create Rainbow Creature, considering that said creature have the same powers as he, and can be destroyed with one punch?
    • Or explain to Robin about the costume change... not mention GIVE HIM ONE TOO!?
      • The Rainbow Creature was clearly a trump card. Firefly obviously didn't expect Bats to be able to change into a multi coloured costume. As for Robin... Batman is a dick.
    • From the episode proper, did Joker really say he was going to turn Batman into a "drooling, mindless fuck"? That can't be right.
      • He said FOP.
    • Since when can the Joker (any version) trade blows with Batman? Much less overcome him with a bunch of goons. I know that was the excuse for getting Bat-Mite to "help", but it could have been explained better.
      • The Batman, actually.
      • Barehanded?
      • It was always a case of depeneding on the writer just how well Batman's rouges are able to fight him. And having Joker just turn and run doesn't make for a good action show. It happened much to often in the DCAU.
    • How did Batman know he could beat Joker by tricking him into going inside his mind? Why didn't Joker just *poof* his way out?
      • After you've been killed a few dozen times, you start going for broke. His mind was the only thing he still had control over. Joker didn't poof out because he didn't think of it. If he could give up his powers, then he could still use them, but he forgot.
    • Isn't it nice of Batman to let Bat-Mite torture Mini-Joker for the fun of it?
      • The little runt nearly destroyed the universe, and got Batman killed several times over. I'd pretty much give anything to keep him busy, and we already know he's not going to kill J-Mite.
      • No, just make him his toy for eternity...
      • Bottom line is, J-Mite is a dangerous villain who someone would need to keep under control for the forseeable future. And a fellow fifth-dimensional being is almost certainly the best person equipped to do that. And if you think about it, Bat-Mite's really not going to torture him. Consider how decently and by-the-book Batman treats the bad guys on this show, and then recall that Bat-Mite wants to be just like Mr. B...
    • The episode also mentions Jason Todd's death as part of the greatest "Batman/Joker" moments, complete with the vote-for-his-death poll. While this was likely just part of Bat-Mite's ramblings, it still feels bad to see it referenced in a show like this.
      • About that, I was expecting Batman going Berserker or at least giving Bat-Mite a severe reprimandÖ but he didnít. What the Hell, Hero??
      • Remember, in this universe, Batman never took a second robin. He had all the other heroes as junior partners. Most likely, he had no idea what Bat-mite was talking about. As for why it was put in, no matter what, Bat-mite is the "ultimate" bat-fan, so of course they'd find some way to bring up one of Batman's defining stories. I also suppose that like Chill of the Night, it was a nod to a batman we know is there, just hidden in this one.
    • Donít you think that the mere fact that if The Joker were in a world where the crime was rampant and there was not a Batman whom confront and corrupt, he would be perfectly sane, is the biggest Take That and animated show has made at Real Life, our world?
  • In "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster", how come Batman was perfectly fine both times he was covered in molten bronze? He's not even in pain.
    • Maybe his suit protects him? His cape and cowl can survive being boiled in acid and he just needs to cover his mouth to go into space.
  • The Plague of The Prototypes!: yet another episode full of Fridge Logic...
    • The title is misleading, as there was only ONE Batbot Prototype (the others were finished models) and he HELPED Batman.
    • How and why was Batman intervening in the past? In fact why does this show rarely bother to explain that? They can't take a single line of dialog to explain things??
    • Batman eulogizes GI Robot? When he's less sentient than Red Tornado, who gets blown up and fixed regularly???
      • GI Robot cant be rebuiled. Propably he dont have emergency memory disc or something. Also speech give morale to soldiers.
      • We don't know if GI Robot can be rebuilt or not (in the comics, he could.)
    • Why do common crooks insist on robbing banks in GOTHAM CITY in broad daylight? At least supervillains have a chance (not very high) to succeed!
      • They propably heard that Batman is out of town and decided to take thier chances. Black Mask is really self-confident.
    • How did a common hacker like Taboo override the Batbots' programming? For that matter, why didn't Mr. Crazy-Prepared have a means to prevent hacking or to deactivate his creations in such a case?
    • Why was Proto so big and clumsy? You'd think the first thing Batman would do is make his robots safe and stealthy. Yet Batman leaves it active *in the Batcave* so his dog wouldn't be lonely.
      • If Batman would need stealth he wouldn't build a robot. It like making a machine that would chew a sandwinch for you.
      • Except, he DID end up replacing Proto with less clumsy models. Why not make it that way from the start?
      • Well, he admit that making Proto big was a mistake. "Bigger isn't better". C'mon how many times Batman admit to mistakes?
    • It took Proto rescuing a kitten to learn that PEOPLE ARE FRAGILE? Again, should be the first thing programmed into him!
    • I guess there's no Alfred on this series, as every time we see the Batcave only Ace is there. (Presumably Proto is a recent creation or he would have defended Batman from Faceless Hunter's attack there.)
    • Great plan, Black Mask: blow part of Gotham so the citizens will give up to you. Instead of, you know, fleeing the city and letting the Army and MOST OTHER SUPERHEROES to come after you!
    • Speaking of which, why didn't Batman call for COMPETENT HELP, especially after learning about the bombs?
      • There was no time. Simple.
      • I guess The Flashes were too busy to help, all THREE of them.
    • How did Proto survive the explosion? Again, JUST ONE LINE OF DIALOGUE, PLEASE.
      • Proto may be big and clumsy but he also very hard to destroy.
    • Oh yeah, and nice of Batman to leave Proto alone in Space, where he won't feel lonely at all, right? Guess Bats cares more for his dog than an actual intelligent being.
      • He said he would visit him.
    • Batman used some kind of pellet with some goop that weaken oxplosion. Why he didnt use it on mine from teaser? You know, on much more PRIMITIVE technology?
  • In "Cry Freedom Fighters!"
    • How did Blue Beetle and Stargirl knew they could overload Mantis? For all they knew they could be making him MORE powerful!
    • Conversely, why didn't The Ray absorb the Qwa-bolts the Weaponers used? Did he get that badly nerfed from the comics??
    • And once again, Batman gets taken out way too easily so the plot can move forward. Yet it's him who takes out the main villain, instead of Plastic Man or Uncle Sam, who were the actual focus of the episode.
    • How did badly-mangled stories of the American revolution (and a bad song) inspire an alien uprising?
      • They're aliens, they know less than him. besides, the whole point of the episode was it's not the facts the count but SPIRIRT!
      • I know I'd be inspired by a puppet show of Lincoln punching out people.
    • I can believe Plas not realizing it was a voting day, but not knowing who Barack Obama is? Come on!
  • "Darkseid Descending":
    • Why was no reason given for the break up of the original League? Minor, but annoying.
      • The way it was set up made it seem (to me, at least) that there was going to be a future episode explaining this.
    • And Superman was just referred to as "Big Blue!" (I know, rights of use. But really, I *hope* they get him to show at least once.)
    • Earth is going to be invade BY DARKSEID and Batman recruits the likes of Booster and Guy Gardner for help?? Why not the Green Lantern Corps (whose job is precisely dealing with this?) And where were the GOOD New Gods?
    • Martian Manhunter spent the whole episode trying to fix the air conditioning in the space base?? WTH??
      • Played for humor. The most powerful of the heroes is stuck with a small task, while the others fought Darkseid.
      • Well yes it's obviously a joke- it's just that it doesn't make sense in the situation. Maybe if J'onn didn't even know an invasion was going on...
    • The invasion is defeated with the Reverse the Polarity trick? Seriously?? What keeps Darkseid's forces from just boom-tubing right back? Not to mention it was incredibly convenient how the space warps sucked ONLY the invading forces up and no one else (except for Batman -almost.)
    • Darkseid doesn't even flinch when struck by the power of ALL the heroes simultaneously? But gets sucked up like a dust bunny. Villain Sue much?
      • A common and extremely annoying mistake. Just because Darkseid is strong doesn't mean he's a Villain Sue. You can't expect a guy who can compete physically with Superman (whose strength is measure in the quintillions of tons and speed is faster than light) to even notice a bunch of B-listers like Booster Gold.
      • So the next time he shows up, they should bring a giant vacuum cleaner?
    • Where exactly was every other hero on Earth?
  • The entire episode Clash of the Metal Men makes no sense. To start, why didn't the scientists just ask Dr. Magnus to build them new bodies from the start? They were his friends for crying out loud. There was no reason to think that he would refuse so why did they take the long approach by playing dead and then kidnapping him? After that is the question of how Batman learned that those scientists had been experimenting with a dangerous gas. All of his information came from Magnus' files so if Magnus didn't know it there was no way Batman would know it. To top it all off, wasn't Batman angry at the Red Tornado for making an AI just last season?
    • About the question of Red Tornado making an AI, Batman trust Red Tornado, who itself is an AI, so maybe Batman is ok if a human like Dr. Magnus create some robots with AI, but cannot trust a robot like Red Tornado making an AI like Tornado Tyrant, because Red Tornado himself, being an AI, did not have the nuances of the human experience.
  • What's happened to Monster Society of Evil? They're weren't caught in the end of episode.
  • Something I didn't understand was why did Equinox cure Batman, after the nuclear reactor incident? I thought the next episode would explain, but it didn't.
    • Equinox hates it when a good or evil person dies and upsets the balance. Also he was hoping that Batman could destroy his physical body.
    • Another explanation: In the Spanish dub, I understood that Batman wanted to show that he had control of his life, and he decided to sacrifice it for the city welfare. So Equinox decided to show Batman he really had no control of anything by saving both his life and the city.
  • In the otherwise excellent episode Mayhem of the Music Meister, why did Black Canary only use her scream while she was mesmerized? When she was in control of herself, she apparently preferred to sing instead. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?
  • When they're assembling the new Justice League in the Watchtower, there's a fight over Hal Jordan's old room and there's allusions to how many heroes were recently lost to Starro. Which ones died besides Hal Jordan and B'wana Beast?
    • They never said that Hal Jordan, or any other hero, died. They just made reference to an incident that split the old Justice League several years ago.
  • In "Battle of the Super Heroes":
    • Why did Jimmy Olsen pretend to be deathly ill just to find Superman's secret identity (not to mention think that his supersenses wouldn't find out?) Some 'best friend.'
      • Similarly, it took Jimmy (and the rest of Metropolis) less than 24 hours to decide to picket him? Nobody thought "he must be an impostor, or mind controlled?" Not to mention that after the things he did, why would he care if somebody hurled tomatoes at him? In fact it was almost suicidal. (If they left him alone, he probably would have sat in his throne the whole day, until the effects passed.)
    • If Batman had time to go put on a Powered Armor suit, why didn't he call the freakin' Justice League? Or better yet, Doctor Fate? If not for Krypto, he would have been *killed.*
    • The whole episode is an homage to Silver Age Superman, with all the crazy shit that happens from King Superman to Jimmy trying to find Superman's secret identity and so on and so forth. It doesn't have to make sense because it not making sense is the kind of episode it is. As for not calling the Justice League, Batman probably believed he could handle the crisis alone, or at least with the help of Krypto. Which he could. He knew that enough time had passed that the red kryptonite would wear off before Superman killed him. How did he know? Well, I hate to bring up such an obvious meme, but nevertheless, he knew because he's the goddamn Batman.
      • And just because it's not a funny wacky off the wall kids show doesn't mean that things can't happen just because they're funny. So yes, Rule of Funny definitely can be applied.
      • I don't mind shows that homage the Silver Age wackyness, but when they do it to Batman, they always have explanations for it (like Bat-Mite.) Why didn't Superman get one as well? Mr. Mxyzptlk could have been used for it, but they got rid of him right away. (Btw, Batman's comment that he was worse than Bat-Mite was disproven right away when Superman beat him a knock-knock joke! Even in the old comics it took a little more work.)
      • Also, while I enjoy this show precisely for the references, there were so blasted many this episode I could hardly keep track of them. Even in the offhand comments! It just felt like they were trying to cram every idea from the Silver Age Superman -even the Super Dickery!- into one episode. Pacing, people.
    • Why didn't Batman do anything to stop Superman's reign of terror and dickery, until very end of episode?
      • Would have been a very short episode otherwise. The sponsors don't like that.
    • Why didn't batman use kryptonite?
      • Batman does not kill. Period. Full stop
      • It's usually possible in DC to use kryptonite without killing.
    • If Superman was going to turn back to normal in few minutes, then why Batman decide to FIGHT with him, instead of calming peple down asking the for some patience?
    • If Luthor never get caught then why was he wearing prison uniform? Also he knew that Batman and Superman were coming, and all thing that he decided to use against World's Mightiest and Smartest Man Alive? Laser gun and kryptonite ring. Really, Luthor?
    • Luthor couldnt possibly predict how Superman will react to red kryptonite. Considering this what did he planned, anyway to do?"1.Super is affected by kryptonite, 2.I improvise, 3.Profit! "
  • This one is a twofer, both about Joker: The Vile and the Villainous. First is a minor the Weeper an OC? I've read a TON of Batman comics when I was a kid, but I can't remember even a single reference to him. The second one was, they really made Batman seem like the villain (Which makes sense, since he's the antagonist of the episode), but there was even one part where he let Weeper and the Joker get crushed by a statue. Sure, they got out of it unharmed after Batman had left but isn't it kind of out of character for Batman? There have been multiple times that he suffered a Heroic BSOD after thinking he (Or actually) killed the Joker.
    • Oh, another one. Batman punched the Joker in the face, which sent him flying across the room, through a window, and into a garbage bin across the street. When the heck did Batman gain super strength?
    • The Weeper is an character introduced 1940ish in the Bulletman series. There were actually two of them, the original and his son. There is wikipedia link on the recap page. He and Joker met in one of those reality crossovers and Joker showed him how crime worked in his reality. I don't know if Batman ever had to deal with him before.
    • How Batman is portrayed makes actually sense. The other episodes are mostly told from Batmans perspective, this one from Jokers, who would change some little things around to tell a better story or because he wishes they were true - Batman being more violent for example. This is at least my guess, but the episode with Aquamans family works that way so there is a precedent.
  • What weapon Owlman used against Aquaman in "Game Over for Owlman!"? They showed us how he defeat Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado and Plastic Man, and its obvious from a picture that weapon against Atom is some kind of vacuum cleaner.
  • In "Powerless", Batman sends Captain Atom against somebody Batman goes up against "on a day-to-day basis". This happens to be Darkseid. I know Batman is very, very good, but Batman himself has only gone up against Darkseid once in this series and he got curb stomped (had Question's intervention come a few seconds later Batman would literally have died). That seems a bit...unfair.
  • In "Crisis at 32000000 Feet!" what made the JLI and JSA stop pie throwing fighting? There was no real scene transistion and it was pretty unsatisfying.
  • Isn't Crazy Quilt supposed to be blind? Because, we see things from his POV, and it looked like his vision problem (except maybe for the colors) would be easily fixed with a pair of glasses.
    • Near-sighted, maybe??
    • He is indeed blind. The helmet is what allows him to see, except in fucked-up colors.
  • In "Mystery in Space", they say that the doomsday weapon is indestructible, which is why they need the eclipse. But Strange quite clearly and easily blasts two holes in it himself, with just the items he carries around with him.
  • In Clash of the Metal Men, Batman takes out the combined robot-form of the Gas Gang by igniting it with a flare... but one of the form's arms is already a constantly-on bunsen burner.
  • In "Return of the Fearsome Fangs", Bronze Tiger decides to leave Wong Fei's academy because Wong Fei is just "a cranky old man who will never be satisfied - even with perfection". The thing is, Bronze Tiger just got his butt kicked by a man twice his age! He's very good (better even than Batman in a straight fight), but he's far from perfect.
    • He's not claiming to be. What he's saying in that scene is basically that Wong Fei sucks as a teacher for holding his students to impossible standards — not that he thinks he could take him in a fair fight already.
  • Why were Aquaman and Green Arrow in the Music Meister's thrall when Batman clearly gave them ear plugs too?
    • You can see they get attacked and outnumbered in the "Drives Us Bats" number, their attackers probably removed them.
    • In fact, you can hear one of them shout, "Get his ear plugs!"
  • Who were the alternate universe types of Batman in "Game Over for Owlman?"
  • I can't believe nobody's brought this up: In "Gorillas in our Midst", how did batman become a bat-griffin when he stated only a couple minutes before, "B'wana's powers don't work on humans"?
    • Bwanna's force of will power. His powers previous didn't work on humans (and could only combine two things at once) but he strained and made it work. A bit contrived yes, but its common enough in fiction, just usually not for a character introduced and explained in that very episode.
  • So Fate of Equinox... Did Batman kill Equinox? Twice?

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