Headscratchers: Avalon: Web of Magic

  • Wait...in the eighth book, we learn that the Fairy Realms are full of magic experts. So then why didn't the Farimentals have one of them find and train the new mages, instead of sending Ozzie, who is mostly useless and knows little about magic? And with the mages being so integral to saving the magic web, why didn't the Fairy Realms take interest in them before book eight?
    • And why did the Farimentals let these three girls become the potential saviors of magic? They're Genre Blind and toss around the Idiot Ball, they let their petty bickering interfere with their quest, and they don't learn from their experiences or mistakes, which culminates in Emily turning evil Because Destiny Says So, and ultimately failing in their quest...at first. Couldn't the Farimentals have found smarter and more mature teenagers, or even some adults who could accept the idea of magic?