Haiku / Super Mario Bros.

Like the moon over
The day, my genius and brawn
Are lost on these fools.

Plumber and princess
And very horny turtle
Damn that Hammer Bro

One world, Bowser-free.
Where have they put my reward?
Another castle.
— beemoh

Thank you, Mario
But our princess is in (yet)
Another castle.

I see a dragon
Princess and turtles as well
Shouldn't eat mushrooms.

Peach: kidnapped again.
Mario to the rescue
(Also, Luigi).

The show is over.
But, until next time, my friends,

We rushed right over
To discover- Scapelli!
He beat us again!

Plumber gets the girl
And defeats huge terrapin
By eating mushrooms.

Twisted turtle king
Kidnaps the Mushroom Princess
Plumber kicks his butt.

Outrageous is hard
The projectiles and tall pipes
Make me want to curse.

The Propeller Suit
Is a really good item.
Better than the squirrel.