Haiku / Doom House

It's a swell new house.
But did you see those baggies?

What's that statuette?
An odd-looking figurine.
It won't go away.

That's a Creepy Doll,
Part of the doom house mystique.
He's got it in spades!

Philosopher said,
Be careful what you dream for;
You just might get it.

If you are garbage
Then he'll treat you like garbage
In a disposal.

His name is too long
It will not fit in haiku
He speaks it in full

A new home owner.
He's Reginald P. Linux,
And his wife is dead.

You hear what he said?
"Moving in sure is... hard... work."
Who's he talking to?

This is evidence;
Evidence of a doom house!
A doom house? Yeah, doom.