Trivia / Doom House

  • Bloopers:
    • When Linux first arrives outside his new house, he is seen carrying a suitcase to the front door when outside. Inside, he appears to be carrying a rolled up piece of carpet.
    • Actor Kevin Bowen accidentally calls the doom house a "murder house".
  • No Budget: According to IMDb, this was filmed on a meager, shoestring budget of only $60,000 (estimated)
  • Throw It In!: Actor Rich Kyanka has some minor difficulty opening the back door of the doom house when filming the scene just prior to Linux throwing the doll out in his backyard, but director and cinematographer Kevin Bowen thought it added depth and realism, noting that new homeowners like Kyanka's character would have trouble opening the back doors of their new homes all the time, so he decided to keep it in the final film, anyway.