Quotes / Doom House

Reginald P. Linux: What an... odd-looking... figurine. Why is this... figurine... in my... house?

Reginald P. Linux: [Yawn] Time to hit the ol' bedstack.

Officer Cop: Reginald P. Linux, I heard you needed a cop.
Reginald P. Linux: Yes.

Officer Cop: Well, my advice to you as a cop is to move out of here. That's the only path I can see you taking. This will eat you up, and you'll die. Then you will be in a graveyard.

Officer Cop: You seem like a man of many words. But let me tell you this, how about? If you don't move out of the doom house, it could spell your doom!
Reginald P. Linux: A "doom house"?!?
Reginald P Linux: A "doom house"?!?
[Officer Cop takes doggy gate and leaves.]

Officer Cop: Hey Reginald P. Linux, how are you doing?
Reginald P. Linux: A "doom house"?!?
Officer Cop: Hey... hey, sallyforth me if you're wrong, but you haven't moved out of the murder house... doom house... yet.
Reginald P. Linux: But I just got a fixed rate mortgage!
Reginald P. Linux: The doll and I have come to a gentleman's agreement. [Reginald taps his neck secretively.]
Officer Cop: [Stares at Reginald.]