Haiku / Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking

Serial killer
Kicks cute animals for fun
And likes the Spice Girls
Serenity Squid

He did WHAT you say?
Stole cars, beat up little kids,
and talks during films!
— Poisonarrow

The Big Bad did what?
Destroyed the hero's hometown
And ate the last chip?
Happy Duck

Wanted for mauling
Livestock, swindling old people,
And drinking my tea.

This guy killed fifteen
Million people and made
Me drink some V8. —Crazy Luigi

You're an evil man!
You slaughtered fifty sheep and
Stole a mattress tag! — Iceguppie

I confess that I
kicked your dog, wrecked your Wii and
Ate your gummy worms.

I know of that fiend.
'Ere treason and genocide,
He'd badmouth this site!

Killed twelve; ate the stiffs,
Gave P. E. T. A. anthrax,
Can't bowl for his life.
So We Ate Them's rap sheet in situ

Eats little children,
Assaults everyone he meets,
Does not like Disney.

Befouls the water,
Hoards basic necessities,
Smells something awful.
Banana Pancakes

Kills others for fun
Burns down civilizations
Takes a banana
— Dark Elf Princess

He broke my windows,
Destroyed my flower garden,
And stepped on my lawn.

Evil knows no bounds.
It hits wives, smothers puppies,
And eats all your snacks.
The Dread Gazebo