Funny / Wishology

  • After Mark and Timmy escape through a vortex that dumps them into Timmy's room, Timmy requests that Mark be his sidekick. Mark refuses to which Timmy says "Are you a man or a mouse?" Mark responds by switching on his fake-i-fier and turning into a mouse and saying "Like squeak"
  • Crocker's reaction upon seeing Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Jorgen in the second part is downright hilarious. He spazzes for 15 seconds before growing exhausted and panting heavily.
  • "We're still spinning!"
  • After the Destructinator begins covering the Earth in metal and assimilating humans into androids under his command, the controlled M.E.R.F. agents address him as the Great Street Sweeper of Doom, since that was what they had covered him up as to the public when he was going on a rampage.
  • In Part 3, the Darkness sends Eliminators to search for Timmy again. When reporting to fellow Eliminators, they state that they haven't found it yet, but will continue their exhaustive search. Then we see them relaxing on Hawaii and drinking fruity umbrella drinks to search for him in.
    • When the Destructinator covers the Earth in metal, we see these two Eliminators goofing off, playing the ukelele, and dancing in a hula skirt and coconut bra, which falls off when they see the tidal wave of metal heading for the island.
  • After Turbo Thunder helps Cosmo and Wanda get new wands, he tells them to get him food. Cosmo, as the "King of Ice Cream Land", poofs up an ice cream sandwich, claiming it to be fit for a king. He poofs up another one at the request of "Turbo Hunger" because the peasant amuses him, and it actually manages to restore his Heroic Build that had deteriorated when he was starving.
  • Timmy's reaction to his friends actually being the Eliminators in disguise during the same part also counts. Not to mention, Timmy also gets this reaction in the Final Ending part where he finds out he's still in the Darkness.