Funny / Channel Chasers

  • The entirety of Channel Chasers.
    Wanda: (referring to the violence in the Tom and Jerry parody) Wow, you don't see cartoon violence like that anymore.
    Cosmo: Heeeeey, that's violent, too. Didn't they have censors back then?
    • And made even funnier by the fact that, each time, Wanda or Cosmo's head was blocking the violent scene. So no, Wanda, we don't see violence like that on TV anymore.
  • That part when they go into a parody of Speed Racer. If you watched the anime, you'll laugh a lot once those over the top explosions and facial close-ups with Oh Crap! expressions kick-in.
  • Deep Toot, who is not Vicky's sister... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...''
    • Vicky's reaction when she's exposed. WHO ARE YOU, DEEP TOOT?!
  • When the masked figure is flying through the TV universe, he is hit by a floating block, sending him to Paula Poundcake.
    Donny Donut: And I'm Donny Donut. And even though I'm a boy, I still think this place is swell.
    Everyone: Our icing is nicing!
  • "Like, what was all that about, Snoop?" "Yo, I don't got all the answers, man."
  • The Batman Parody.
    • Bonus Points for still being voiced by Adam West, despite not being Catman.