Funny / School's Out! The Musical

  • During Cosmo and Wanda's escape attempt to return to Timmy:
    Cosmo: There's still enough pretty color left for one of us to slide down the rainbow bridge! Wow, there wasn't a single manly word in that sentence...
    • This gets a Call-Back during the climax after Flappy Bob forces the Pixies to reverse the transformation of Fairy World.
    Cosmo: My stupid pointy hat! It's a crown again! And still not a manly word to be found- [Jorgen punches Cosmo into the ground] Wow! That was extenuatingly manly!
  • Cosmo's use of the word "extenuating" is itself a Brick Joke to when Jorgen pulled him and Wanda back:
    Wanda: But there are extenuating circumstances!
    Cosmo: I know this is probably a bad time, but what does "extenuating" mean?
    Jorgen: Oh, I'm sorry. HERE IS WHAT IT MEANS! [punches Cosmo]
  • As Wanda slides down the rainbow bridge:
  • The prologue, with Flappy Bob's parents firing him off the circus train in the Human Bullet's cannon because they think it's heading towards a broken bridge. Then the train switches onto another track.
    Clown!Dad: Huh, didn't see that turn there...
    Clown!Mom: Me neither...
    Both: OUR BABY!!!
    Clown!Mom: [understandably furious] I thought you said there was no other way!
    Clown!Dad: I'M A CLOWN!!!!
  • The opening song number, "Kids Just Being Kids", with the kids wrecking the town with their out of school antics, thanks to the Pixies replacing their harmless toys and bikes with demolition equipment and motorbikes.
    Mr Crocker: It's not my problem 'til September 3rd!
  • When Timmy wishes for kids to rule the world, Happy Peppy Gary doesn't take it very well:
    Happy Peppy Gary: This is scary! Kids are ruling the earth! Hold me!
    Happy Peppy Betty: But I don't like you like that! [runs off]
    Happy Peppy Gary: [running after her] But I need to be held!
    Flappy Bob: [running after them both] No! She doesn't like you like that!
  • Flappy Bob's section of the medley, in which he wonders aloud whether Timmy was right about the Pixies using him, is interrupted by Happy Peppy Gary and Betty starting to sing their signature theme song. He cuts them off with a "NOT NOW!!" and presses a button that opens a trapdoor underneath them.
  • "Jorgen's Polka", his not-quite-Villain Song. As the title states, it's a polka. One of the scenes shows him marrying Da Rules, and he's the bride.
  • Jorgen interogating Wanda about the events on Earth.
    Wanda: Shouldn't there be a good cop and a bad cop?
    Jorgen: We had cutbacks. Now, do you want to spend your whole life in fairy jail, or do you want to blame Cosmo?!
    Wanda: NO!
    Jorgen: [flips over a badge he's wearing saying "Bad Cop", with the other side saying "Good Cop"] Pleeease?
    Wanda: NO!
    Jorgen: Okay, Good Cop over. [flips the badge back] BLAME COSMO!
  • As bad as the Pixies' raising of Flappy Bob was, he didn't exactly do too well for himself on his own before they interfered. At one point he tries asking out a girl by presenting her with a pie with "I Luv You" written on it in frosting... and then smushing the pie into her face and spraying her with seltzer. She doesn't take it very well.
  • When Flappy Bob is reunited with his parents, doubling as a heartwarming moment:
    Flappy Bob's dad: We've searched everywhere there would be clowns, circuses, fast-food restaurants, Las Vegas—we spent a lot of time in Vegas.
    Flappy Bob's mom: Thirty-six years!
    Flappy Bob's dad: We even checked the U.S. Congress! It was full of clowns, but none of them were funny!
    Flappy Bob: MOM! DAD! (hugs them)
    Flappy Bob's dad: And we'll never lose you again! But if we do, let's all agree to meet in Vegas!
  • And the fact that Timmy is now President everywhere — except Florida, because they're still voting.
  • The end of Cosmo's and Wanda's beautiful, moving love song:
    Wanda: Did you get the handcuff key?
    Jorgen: (sobbing uncontrollably as they sneak past him) "I saw her and no other..." And that part with the fingerprints... Fingers aren't shaped like that! THAT IS LOVE!