Awesome / Wishology

  • Timmy in the first and second parts where he has little to no access to magic and is forced to improvise on his own. The second part is especially noteworthy because he swallows his pride and actually goes to his enemies for help.
  • The Darkness had one in Part Three:
    Lead Eliminator: (pointing his weapon at the darkness) You cannot make me!
    (fires laser into Darkness, Darkness cringes a bit before reverting to normal)
    Darkness: But I can UNmake you. (does so)
  • Timmy defeating the Lead Eliminator/Destructinator by tricking it into absorbing all the weapons it stuffed into Earth with the intention of blowing it up before revealing that he swiped the detonator when he crashed into it shortly before.
  • Timmy sacrificing himself to the Darkness to save his friends, family, and even his enemies.
  • It begins with Timmy's fairies being taken from him. He can't turn to his friends or even his parents for help, either, because they've all been taken away. Who does he turn to for help? His enemies. And it works!
  • Timmy's and Trixie's kiss near the end of the second part.
  • The Big Damn Heroes moment when Timmy is trapped, only to be rescued by his friends, enemies, and Jorgen. All of them use the wands the Eliminators stole from Fairy World to great effect.