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Funny: VlogBrothers
  • "No, Hank, it's not the ography that bothers me. It's the porn."
  • Hank's '50 Jokes' videos.
  • "Koninginnedag! Wuuuuuuh!" (occurs at about 1:40 seconds in)
  • Maureen Johnson, YA author and the second prettiest Green Brother.
  • In one video with the brothers together, they coincidentally push their glasses up at the same time.
  • The whole week John and Hank were doing their videos together. Heck, anytime they do videos together.
  • "So, the issue [of whether or not we would go to war with Syria] was sent to Congress, which is funny, because if congress were on fire, they wouldn't be able to pass the Pour Water on Congress Act."
  • John would like to know if women need 'manly men' in order to 'feel whole':
    John: [to his wife] Hey, Sarah! Do you need a man who is able to bench-press your body weight in order to feel whole?
    The Yeti: Obviously not.
    John: [hysterical laughter]
  • Hank, during his "17 Rants" video, has a few moments of comic gold, but this has to be the big kicker:
    Hank: [with a rolling office chair on his lap] Manufacturers of chair wheels everywhere!
    Hank: [attempting to untangle his earbuds] I should've gotten this ready before I... freakin' knots! Freakin—Why are they always in knots?!
    Hank: Could you make it so that this (the wires of his earbuds) doesn't fit in this (the aforementioned office chair's wheels) because this, IS THE WORST THING!note 
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